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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nuffnang Movie Premiere Screening - Burlesque + Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Before I start, really have to say Thank You to Nuffnang!!
This was my first time entering a cinema theater without paying LOL

I know in my recent post I said that I've lost the invites because I didn't reply the confirmation email.
Well Thanks to the very nice Nuffnang receptionist who gave me XinXian's email, I manage to email her. But she was already on leave, Thank God she left her colleague's email. So I contacted Robb Chew and ta-dah, I secured my invites hehe..... I must say I have to thank all these Nuffnang people!!

So yea went to Midvalley with my cousin, I haven't been to Midvalley for like who-knows-how-many years....I was really really lost, I forgot how huge Midvalley was.....and it took us really long just to look for the directory..... unlike ou, you can find the directory at everywhere. Other than that, looking for the toilet was also a real problem *faints* 
To prevent ourselves from getting lost again, we gave up looking around for restaurants, instead we just chose a restaurant from the directory and walk towards there right away...

And we chose Gardens....
A cafe that both of us always wanted to go but couldn't due to the price of the food over there....
But since I don't have to pay for the movie and I've earned abit of money from "playing cards" during CNY so it doesn't hurt my purse that much to spend on something abit more expensive. Afterall, I need to enjoy the night right???

Yea this place is undeniably beautifully decorated
Just as the name suggests, there were flowers lined along the windows,
There's a plant on every table
The seats and tables are white
It's just very.......dreamy =)
The hostess gave us a reserved table which was right beside the window, love it =)

Then there was someone playing the piano, he played and sang all the popular love songs that I really really loved. From Alicia Keys to Wang LeeHom's songs, you name it. With all these awesome music playing and all these pretty flowers surrounding you, the environment is just.....Beautiful!! Or in other words, Total Indulgence!!

Pink Rose Tea - RM12.90
Strongly recommended!!!!
It taste awesome!! It's sweet, I mean refreshingly sweet, not the sugar-type of sweet.

Spaghetti Marinara - RM18.90
My cousin ordered this...'s not really delicious, but it's still okay larr
It has prawns, mussels and clamps lerr, for this price I think it's very worth it =)

KungPaw Chicken with Shanghai Noodles - RM19.90
I wanted to order Spaghetti Carbonara, but it's sold out already. T.T
The noodles are okay, but the sauce was abit weird, it's just doesn't seem to taste like the usual KungPaw sauce.The chicken was okay too, quite crispy =)

The view through the windows....
You can see The Gardens KL from here

Really adore this Pink Rose Tea

At the end, you know what you're paying for....
It's not the food, It's the environment =)
The place, the flowers, the white seats, the lights, the music....
The staffs were really nice too =)

A beautiful place to enjoy your meal. I remember almost every table over there were occupied by couples which made me and my cousin felt abit weird LOL. 
With this warm setting and delicious dishes, no doubt it is the best choice for couples to have dates.

Garden Lifestyle Cafe have other branches at major shopping malls
go to Garden's Website to see the list of outlets

So after dinner, it's already 8pm
went straight up to GSC, only to see this :
Super long queue
the email says the booth will open at 8pm but looks like they were early
so yea, I guess I was really late 'cause my seat was 3 rows from the Big Screen
but at least I got the passes, at first I was kind of afraid that my name wont be there....haha
again, thanks to the Nuffnang people who gave me a 2nd chance...kekeke

Walked to the Gardens before the movie starts
and yea, My First time stepping into The Gardens
I know, I know, laugh at me, I haven't been to The Gardens despite of being a PJ-ian.
I didn't really bother to walk into those shops, I was just doing my after-dinner exercise by walking around.

Really Pretty Fountain in between the Gardens and Midvalley
Can we pretend that "bright lights" in the night sky are like shooting stars...
Yes, you definitely can!

Okay, Now
Movie Review
Movie Name : BURLESQUE
Starred by : Cher and Christina Aguilera
Genre : Musical (To me, it's Musimedy, Musical+Comedy)
In three words : Funny, Entertaining and Musical.

Synopsis :
Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams to LA.  After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue, Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club’s proprietor and headliner. Burlesque’s outrageous costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young ingenue, who vows to perform there one day.
Soon enough, Ali builds a friendship with a featured dancer (Julianne Hough), finds an enemy in a troubled, jealous performer (Kristen Bell), and garners the affection of Jack (Cam Gigandet), a bartender and fellow musician.  With the help of a sharp-witted stage manager (Stanley Tucci) and gender-bending host (Alan Cumming), Ali makes her way from the bar to the stage.  Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory, though not before a charismatic entrepreneur (Eric Dane) arrives with an enticing proposal… 

Review :
I think the movie is really nice, way better than what I expected
I thought the whole movie will be just singing, dancing and kissing only LOL
But turns out there's some story in it and it's quite funny. Not too drama but a simple yet entertaining story line.
So I think the characters and the story line is okay, though abit cliche....
Afterall, the main focus of this film is the MUSICAL PART.
And yes I wasn't disappointed.
I had always loved Christina Aguilera's vocals
The songs are nice, very burlesque-ish, not the ordinary pop song type....which I think it's very special and something new.
And those great vocals just gives me goosebumps all the time!!
With all the dancing and the beautiful setting of the stage, I think it's really nice.
The characters' costumes and make-up are kind of eye-catching/attractive to me. I love it!
I love the casts, Cher, which I had no idea who she was, was really really awesome, especially her singing. Christina Aguilera looks really pretty and she suits the character Ali perfectly!! and I must say Cam Gigandet is really really hot!!!! Other characters like the stage manager and Nikki were really good too. The casts are very strong....

Anyways, here's my favourite song in the show
and it's also the Best Original Song for Golden Globe Awards
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me by Cher

If you watch the show, this song came out at the perfect timing.
The lyrics and the melody were awesome. And the way Cher performed it, it's very touching, almost made me cry.
No doubt it is the best soundtrack!!

So.... Burlesque is a nice movie. I guess people like me who loves music will enjoy this. But I'm not sure about others. If you like an entertaining, funny and not too drama film, I think you will like this.
Rating : 6/10

Will post my CNY photos in the next post =)

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