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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Really Happy CNY!!

So.....The CNY Holidays ended
well it makes no difference to me actually, since I'm still on my 3 months holiday. But the previous week was what I call a REAL HOLIDAY. 

Monday & Tuesday : House Decorating + Last Minute Shopping

Wednesday aka CNY Eve aka 除夕夜 : Reunion Dinner @ Dad's Hometown, Sagil, Tangkak.
This was like our first time taking family photo grandchildren-reunion-dinner photo in dunno-how-many-years
Photo Credits to My Brother who is not in the photo.

I never realize how big my family was until that night, we needed 3 tables for reunion dinner. The food was yummy. Thanks to my aunties and my mom who worked hard to cook this huge dinner for us!!

And of course, our CNY must have activity...
 Hehe, u know what we're doing.....
Cards cards and cards.......Black Jack 
Funny, those fengshui people predict that roosters have bad luck, but somehow, I was way luckier than I thought!

Thursday : Back to Home Sweet Home
Nothing much, stayed home and rest for the whole day
Thanks to the local TV stations for not making my day boring
There were tonnes of good shows on that day

My Fave, M'sia's first Chinese Tele-movie
Laughed so hard while watching this show....
They used all the local accents and the typical M'sia-china-apek style aka rojak language 
Made me realize how "kampung-ish" my dad is because he had been using the same accent and same words all these years....and of course, i picked up all these accents over the years, so I'm very kampung-ish too XD

Friday to Sunday : Bukit Tinggi Trip with my Mom's side relatives

That place is really beautiful, good for people who wants some peace and some fresh air.

Friday Morning till Afternoon : Went to Genting + Awana

Basketball is still the best game to play in the arcade

That's why there are people who just wouldn't leave after playing for more than 10 rounds
Yes I waited so long just to play this thing
I don't know whether they are blind or something, they JUST CAN'T SEE THAT WE WERE THERE, WAITING BEHIND
Then we talked to one of them, but still they kept on playing for another few more rounds
damn geram
Then it was our turn, they came again, asking us to let them play so that they can finish their credit
eeeesh, lagi geram, I waited for you to play 10 rounds and now you want me to leave when I only played ONE round???
But at the end we left after playing 3 games because that grandmother kept talking and talking to us, as if we won't let them play.
Then there was this father and son who occupied the basketball game machine next to us
they lagi worse, I don't know how long they were there, all I know is that the person waiting behind them is damn kesian. I really wanted to tell him to give-up waiting....

Next Yumcha + Snooker at Awana

 The Teh Tarik is the best I tell you!!!!

So does the ABC, looks delicious right???

It's a must to drink teh tarik at the terrace while enjoying the view of the golf course, it's total indulgence!
The Nasi Lemak over there is super yummy too, but apparently they don't sell Nasi Lemak in the afternoon edi T.T

Evening, back to Selesa Hill Homes
Went to the Selesa River Beach

Cool Water.......Syok Ah!!!

At night, Mahjong All the Way!!!
I'm officially addicted to mahjong now. Now I know why they say mahjong can prevent Alzheimer's Disease, your brain have to work at high speed in order to win this game!! I'm begging my parents to buy one now....

Went back to KL on Sunday and had lunch at my granduncle's house. 

Yeap, that's pretty much what happened in the past week.
Had loads of fun this year.

Here are some extra shots....

And also, some try-to-be-pro photos amateur photography
taken by Nikon D60

This is my fave photo =)

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