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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random Photos Sharing -- Job Experience

Hello Everyone!!
Just as promised, I'm gonna post some RANDOM PHOTOS that I took while I was working in Tropicana City's Carrefour as JuIcE pROmOtEr.
So, basically, the job was.......boring. It's just boring. But I guess almost every part time job that exist are boring right so that's not really a point la. Other than that....hmm.....abit tiring, just abit la, afterall you have to stand the whole day, no chair, not even a sampling station lerr.....
JoB sCoPE : Stand for the whole day, pour drinks (where there's no table/desk), serve customer
rEQuiReD skIlLs : Hard-selling skills, Aggressive, STRONG LEGS, ABLE TO WITHSTAND LOW TEMPERATURE (b'coz you'll be standing right beside the freezer for the whole day.)

The only thing I hate most about the job is standing right beside the fridge, it's so bloody cold weih, my palms turned purple and the back of my hands have tonnes of red spots. I thought my hand was gonna be frozen and fall off from my arm or something. And because or the chill, my phone can't even function anymore. Have to wait for phone to warm up-which took me like 10 minutes-to restart the phone again.

Well afterall, there's nothing much bad about the job larr.....
Right after the job, I told myself I wont be a Juice Promoter anymore. But now as I think back, there's nothing really bad about the job. You work for only 7 hours per day with one hour break for RM80. It's just standing, and serving and talking, yes IT IS REAL BORING, but nothing other than that. It was a great experience afterall. =)

So here's some photos....
The Staff Entrance where you get your pass and bodycheck etc etc

The Female Staffs Locker Room.
My Promoter Pass
The place I work. Yes, no table, no station, NOthing.
My Uniform. Yellow shirt with some oranges on the right, and has a SUNKIST logo on the left.
 I was staring at my supervisor when he gave me the shirt. Hello?? Do you seriously thing that every girl in M'sia is S size??? Please think about the fat ones like me la, in fact I have already told him that I'm an L. Thank God I can still fit in but it's seriously SUPER DAMN TIGHT, so damn uncomfortable weih.
My Fave Break-Time Food
Sub-of-the-Day and Subway's Chocolate Chip Cookie.
RM 7.50 + RM 1.30
Love subway so much, all the energy comes back after I eat this. TO ME, IT'S LIKE POPEYE'S SPINACH.
Some lion-dance programme during CNY which almost crashed my ear drums.

Yea that's some sharing about my job in Jan. I cant wait for college to start now. I think I should work for another few weeks, but it seems like they don't need those weekend sampling promoters anymore after CNY. Having a hard time looking for a job....haiz...

Next post : hmm gonna post some food photos again!!This time, it's from The Apartment, The Curve.  

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