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Saturday, September 24, 2011


o-o-opsie....didn't really update
Well, nothing much happened this week, we had our short film filming on tuesday and friday which made me realize what a sucker I am in acting....NG-ed like crazy and I was laughing in all scenes LOL...Then there was Captain Ball club on thursday!! Which was the best thing mann!! Sweat and had fun with my classmates. Loads of funny stuff happened LOL. Yea, Trials will start in 3 weeks time and I haven't start studying TT.TT My gosh....I dunno what's wrong with me, I wanna study but I just can't. (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say...) and yea, our lecturers are rushing to finish the syllabus, really don't know if I can do well. :(
I think I'll blog less less often until trials are over....

Anyways, I was thinking of sharing some songs that I'm listening recently...

This song is really really recent, just yesterday LOL
My friend, JinYun kept telling me she really loved this song so I searched for it. And turns out I actually heard it before, it's just that I didn't know the title LOL Christina's song's are hard to forget once you heard it. And this one, You'll Remember Forever!! What a meaningful and touching song and also inspiring. 
I cried most of the time whenever I'm listening to this. 

Very sweet song. Really, sweet!
I hadn't listen to it for a long time until I suddenly feel like listening to it again, and I loved this song more. Why? Because this song reminds me of a couple in my class (JiaChee and Brandon) who were really really sweet. It seems that I understand the lyrics MORE after knowing both of them and looked at how caring and how much they appreciate each other.

I just adore the flow of the song! It's touching! But not in those like sad-song way. I think it's because how the singer expressed the song and the lyrics are very straight-forward, as if it's telling a true story, a real experience. 

I don't understand why some people dislike this song, but I truly liked it.
Why? Because this is a song that made me feel the emotions of something that I've never experienced in my life before, which in this case, it's a Break-Up. I don't know anything about break up but this song just made me feel sad to the core man... From the emotional and powerful vocal and also the meaningful lyrics, you just can't help but to feel as if you've really just suffered a break-up. And the MV, some people think is inappropriate, but it has a very positive message to people who went through breakups.  
"Sometimes you think you can die just because the person you really really love left, but the truth is, You'll still live."

hehe....hmmm I just love the tune and also the singers, that's all XD

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