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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lagoon!!! ChinDian United LOL


This was two weeks ago when our raya hols/study leave just started
Hehe I'm glad that I chose this over books...coz that day was one my most memorable days I've ever had in my life!!! With my awesome-est friends... :D

So yea we went to Sunway Lagoon...
It was suppose to be a class trip, but end up only 7 of us going...
SheauWen Daniel Jiachee Brandon Praba and Vasan 
But I really did have loads of fun with them!!!
Went to Sunway Lagoon by Bus and reach there around 10.30 something

There was soooooo many people outside the entrance, waiting edi......
Seriously shouldn't underestimate Sunway Lagoon....

This wristband, haiz, I always thought that it's my watch....LOL
Then when I look at it, "why no time wan??"

Anyways, we started playing in the Water Park 1st, well there weren't much photos for the time we're in the wet park and amusement park, coz My Camera Can't Swim...
Yea, basically we played things like these (photo below for reference) : 
the Water Slides (Congo Challenge and Cameroon Climb), 
then most of the rides at Dry Park including the 360 degrees Pirate Ship which was terrifying first then very fun next, 
then swim at the Surf Beach which is super freaking fun, 
and just sit at the Wave Pool and wait for the barrel of water to splash down HARD on us LOL.

Then it was drizzling larrr, so it was kinda COLD coz we were all wet, but I really love that kind of feeling.... And we don't have to be burnt by the sun XD

I LOVE CONGO CHALLENGE!! (bottom-right)
I was really afraid at 1st, then everyone was like "Just try laaa". So after the 1st ride, ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! XD

 Still manage to snap some photos XD
At the Slow River


Our awesome-est Indians LOL Praba aka Blackaran and Vasan aka Ela

For some reason I actually like this photo LOL

Princess Sheau

Then then then, Lunch

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken for RM10
that's like the cheapest food I can find over there.
Though it's like much more expensive than usual, but it taste good weih, to my surprise!!
Wanted to have another one LOL

Cute JiaChee and Brandon

Oh My Daniel

Then we're moving towards the Wildlife Park...

The Girls...

And The Guys

wuaaa so scared....

So went to Wildlife Park, well, to my surprise, it's not that-THAT boring larr....
Many cutie and interesting animals LOL
Time to update the animal dictionary in my brain. 


Friendly Sunway Lagoon Staff who helped us to take photo

The Selcas

The suspension bridge right behind us :D


Kesian this fella, trying so hard to escape....

So yea, we pretty much finished everything, so went to shower after that....

The lockers....
RM5 for one time usage.

On the way back....
Started Photo-time LOL
Pirate Ship was crazy...
I was too scared at 1st, but actually is nothing much la, it's just that my head hurts like crazy whenever we're upside down... XD But I'm still happy that we had the courage to try this LOL

I don't think I'll ever pay to scare myself...

Then went to Cha Time at Sunway Pyramid after that to get some rest...
There were a lot of people mannnn, good thing that we manage to get a seat...We were so tired mannn, really needed some rest and yummy drinks

Here's what we have :
Chocolate Hazel Milk Tea -- RM 4.90

Caramel Milk Tea with Pearls -- RM5.90

Pearl Milk Tea -- RM 5.90

Basically it taste good, nothing much to complain....
well, I'll try the special ones next time and give a better review about the drinks...
 The place it's also quite a nice place to chat larrr, though it's kind of small. But the chairs are comfy LOL A good place to sitdown, rest, yumcha, and "gong wa" (talk), just like the name suggest, It's ChaTime! 

For our studies and friendship!!

After regaining some energy, took the rapid bus back and we're like Strawberries --- stuck in the Jam, for like an hour. 

My Fave Photo That I Shot on That Day

Love Swans 
at the Wildlife Park
So Ngam that they were facing each other!!!

So yea, had a great time at Sunway Lagoon!!
1. Basically it's a really nice place to just have fun in the sun (though it was raining that day), get yourself wet and scream all you want!! 
2.  The place looks awesome with all those Western Style Buildings and also African Themed Water Playground. 
3. Fun Atmosphere! There's all these performers that will go around to entertain you with some unique ethnic music and also some cool dance moves. 
4. The staffs are very helpful and polite as well.
5. The facilities are really good too, got f&b outlets, lockers, speed-showering tunnel (at the surf beach), and plenty of chairs for you to sit down. LOL 
6. All the toilets and shower room are clean and there's a lot of them so you don't really have to queue up. 

Feel like going there again, the rides are really special and u can't really compare it with Genting because their rides are just so so so different. Both places are awesome.

Okay, the next place that I wanna GO is MALACCA
Yes, not to study history, but just to FEEL the History...

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