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Saturday, September 10, 2011


LOL phewwwwwww, Qualifying Test is over!! Woohoo!! Went to the movies with my friends just now, and now I'm in front of the PC, trying to post all the photos that were taken long ago...and it's time to UPDATE MA BLOG!

Actually I had loads of photos to share....and they are random by the way :D

 The Bunny-themed Mid Autumn Festival Showcase at 1 Utama
The Carrot Lanterns!!!! So so cuteeeee XD

I was too sien during raya, so I tried to capture the beautiful crescent which was so bright and amazing.

Then there was JiaChee's Bday, which I mentioned before in previous post....
 I bought her a super super mini cake from Kings...and good thing I asked for a candle..
Everyone sang Happy Birthday song, in English Chinese Canto LOL

 The Handphone Strap that I made for her
see the initials???
but too bad, patah edi LOL Will make a new one for her XD

Daniel, Resistance to Food is Zero... LOL

Erm, coming up, they are all FOOD FOOD AND STILL FOOD!!
I didn't know I took so many of them until I checked the files in my phone.

Roti Tissue 
at Kayu Original @ Aman Suria
sooooooo long right??? LOL

Cinnamon French Toast, I repeat, Cinnamon!!
at Sentrum Cafe, Stamford College Jalan Barat, beside PJ Hilton

REvisit : Mickey Mouse Waffle at Hainam Coffee at Taman SEA

also REvisit : At Wongkok 1 Utama
Super Temptation (Yam, Vanilla and Choc) and Tiramisu

Next, Lotus Curry House.....
No. G-1-22 Jalan Pju 1/45,
Block G, Aman Suria,
Petaling Jaya

Teh Tarik, The Must-Drink

Roti Kosong, Always Fave....

Roti Telur

Roti Planta... Thumbs Up

Roti Tissue

Heheheheheheh I KNOW IT'S VERY RANDOM....
But I'll say the food here are yummy, go try it!!!

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