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Friday, December 12, 2014

OIC Cafe @ Aman Suria

It's december again!!
Time to revive my blog haha
Loads of awesome stuff to share from this semester
Stay tuned!

Will start with a short post
Our coffee time at the beautiful OIC Cafe
The coffee here, not exactly awesome
But I guess the place is definitely one of those cozy and comfortable coffee shops for you to spend time with your friends and chat throughout the night.

Besides, You'll find Snow white and 7 dwarfs greeting you at the entrance!! How cute!

Drinks from Left:
Iced Cappucino -- RM6.90
Chocolate Latte -- RM6.90
Raspberry Latte -- RM6.90
Hazelnut Coffee -- RM6.90

Marble cheese cake -- RM10.90

I ordered Raspberry latte (first photo on top), LOL I didn't know that they didn't mix the raspberry syrup and milk together, so when I first drink, It taste just exactly like normal milk, and towards the end only I realize the raspberry syrup was at the bottom, and I end up drinking the super sour and sweet syrup haha... So yea, please mix the drink first. The waiter could have at least reminded me to stir the drink before drinking. It's in a paper cup, how would I know the syrup and milk are separated. 
Cake was okay, quite smooth. 

Like I said, the F&B here is not exactly superb, it's really the environment that I like. Spacious couches, floor-length window, cozy ambience. 

Even the table says OIC haha

Oh well, when there's WIFI, there's FUNRUN
this was during recess week, when I was super stressed out from studies and had a break at home.
Thanks to them, who are always so ON
we had dinner and of course chuishui session.

Okay, short conclusion. Love the place!! I suppose the coffee is considered cheaper than other specialty coffee shops that are usually around 9 bucks and above. Location, you'll easily spot this cafe when you pass by the main road from Tropicana to Kg Cempaka. 

OIC Cafe
29A-G, Jalan PJU1/45
Aman Suria Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya

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