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Friday, December 26, 2014

Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand

Hohoho Merry Christmas everyone!!
Other than presents, log cakes, it's time to feast as well!
Gonna share some delicious stuff with you guys, don't read this if you're hungry :D

Visited PasarBella some time ago. Just like the name suggests, it's like a market, european market would be more precise. From food, to fresh produce, fruits and veggie, poultry, grocery and wine. We were there for dinner of course. The stalls there were mainly western cuisine, Spanish, Italian, American, British etc etc

This photo never fail to make me hungry in 5 seconds. 

Foodhunters of the day :D
It was after exam, which means...our appetite was bigggg

I actually love the interior of Pasar Bella, it sort of gives you a taste of Europe. Lots of fairylights, dim lighting, wooden tables, some chandeliers, abit of rustic elements...You wouldn't know that you're in Singapore. 
 Some stalls at Pasar Bella

We ordered a Shepherd's Pie from this stall

Truffles Pasta from this stall

There's quite a lot to choose from, and so, 6 of decided to have a mission. Everyone of us would survey around and order one dish that we think taste the best and put up a voting after we tasted all. Good enough, we managed to hunt for delicious stuff!! Time to roll them out...

Wild Mushroom and Truffles Pasta -- SGD13.90
from Cicely's Kitchen
Love this! It's cream based but it doesn't taste heavy or sticky at all. The sauce just goes so well with the Penne, love the mild aroma of herbs in the sauce. Spooned out every bit of sauce left heheh Nice!  

Rotisserie Chicken -- SGD 16.00 (if i'm not wrong)
from Charly T's
This was the winner of our mission!!
This was totally the dark horse, looks simple but it taste awesome. 
The meat is tender, yes even the chicken breast is soft and juicy. Mildly seasoned. The dipping sauce enhances the flavor further. 
Thumbs up!

Corn Tortilla with Chicken -- SGD 16.00
From Sea Salt Caribbean Deli
Something unique! Never had anything like it. The salad was nice, with fresh greens and balsamic dressing if i'm not wrong.
  The chicken was also very tender, and I like how it's very mildly seasoned, gives a very natural and refreshing taste. The corn tortilla was another surprise factor haha, fluffy and fragrant. Love it. 

This one has a long name haha
Coz it's a combination of 3 things:
Crispy Crackling Pork Roast with Mustard, Chili, Apple sauce
Dark Glazed Honey Pork Roast drizzled with Honey Sauce
Garlic Mash Potatoes & Real Roast Gravy
It's not your usual SiuYok, the skin is much thicker and it really does give a loud cracking sound when you bite through. It's not as salty as normal siuyok, just a little smoked flavor. Applesauce is awesome! The honey pork, again, it's not your CharSiew haha
Not so sweet, and it's the lean meat, not much of the fatty layer heheh...Taste okay, but I think I like Charsiew more haha
and finally the best part would be the mushy, fluffy and aromatic garlic mash potato! Melts in your mouth and the garlic flavor bursts out!
anyways this platter from Keith's Crackling Roast costs SGD 18.00

Seafood Paella -- SGD 13.00
from Le Patio
can't leave this out once you saw the big paella pan topped with loads, loads loads of seafood!
We heard people say it looks good but doesn't taste nice. 
I don't really think so ehh, personally, I think the rice has a very nice aroma of spices and it's slightly moist which captures the flavors of the seafood. I think most people think it taste bad coz there's not much salt in it. Still like this anyway. 

Shepherd's Pie -- SGD9.90
from Winchester's Pie
A nice side from all the heavy, meat-filled main course we had before. 
Crunchy crust with potato flavor. Rich flavors with a healthy taste. 

Chocolate Chip Scones 
from Gastronomia De Paolo
fluffy and mildly sweet
simple and delicious

To taste all these in the same day, it's pretty much heaven to me!

I was never a beer person, but that day I truly understand the awesome combination of beer and delicious food. It's one kind of indulgence. 

Next, desserts!
We knew we can't simply leave without biting into these cute lil' macaroons from
Bonheur Patisserie
okay it's actually quite huge in the macaroon world! 

yes they even have Hello Kitty and Sinchan macaroons!! OMGGGG
The macaroons price ranges from SGD 3.00-SGD 4.50

Check out all these beauties!
The cartoon ones are more expensive, at SGD 4.50
I had Rum and Raisins
But I would like to recommend the Yuzu-Miso flavor that my friend had. 
It's freaking awesome! Who would have thought of putting Yuzu and Miso together. 
Salty, sour and sweet. What a nice layering combination of flavors. Bet you'll love it! 

Just a night to indulge in good food and also chitchatting with the friends. It's all the right things at the same place! Thanks for this bunch of buddies for foodhunting with me!
Anyways, just a short conclusion. I think Pasar Bella is a nice place for you to try several rather unique western cuisines at one time. Despite being a market, don't expect the prices to be cheaper, it's the other way round instead. It's better to go with friends so that you can try several dishes at once and share out the cost. The ambience, beautiful and cosy, great place to feast with people you like to talk to. 

@ The Grandstand Bukit Timah
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994
Opening Hours
Stalls : 9.30am to 7pm*
Restaurants: 10am to 10pm

They have a counterpart at Marina Bay as well
Go to their website to find out more.
Owhhhh how can I forget
Bonus of the day
We met the best in Singapore and JB and some say Batam's PCK!
It's an honor to meet Mr. Gurmit Singh
he's a friendly guy and his kids are cute!
ohmyyy, my childhood idol right infront of my eyes LOL!
We were truly lucky!

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