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Monday, December 15, 2014

First Half of Sophomore

Fun ride.

Just when I thought 2nd year should be much easier, turns out I'm wrong! It's so hard to manage my time. I dare not say I'm busy but still, given my poor time management skills, the past semester was both hectic, exhausting, stressful and even depressing at times. But of course, with my work-hard-play-harder style, I still got to experience lots of fun, hangout with awesome people and work with interesting stuffs..

July -- FOC Days
Came back in Mid-July to prepare my most anticipated activity, MSA's FOC. Thinking back, I was quite reluctant to come back at first, coz I was just too worried about how things will turn out. With the bar set up so high, I was constantly thinking about running away haha
But glad to know that I wasn't alone, and I have a bunch of partners in crime to listen to my problems and rants. It's amazing how we got so close in just 2 weeks time. Totally wasn't expecting such a bonded friendship among us, 6 people from 6 different major, 6 different personalities, Of course there were minor rough edges but I guess we've come to a point to accept everyone just the way they are. Thanks for always bearing with my crazy and sometimes too-blunt attitude.
Besides the CP family, Camp is just so awesome coz it's like a chance for you to work with everyone who are passionate about the camp.
The main committees, the Group Leaders, programmers and other subcomms. Everything is just fun
The best part comes when the freshies are enjoying the whole process! 5 days passed in a blink of an eye and I was experiencing severe post-FOC syndrome. Even until now, I just wished I could go back to those days, coz it's really the time where I was doing what I genuinely like and being with people that I love.

Right before Senior camp aka trial camp
Everything for the first time
Stressed out but hey, there's ice cream!! and my fellow CPs

Hehe my Senior Camp OG -- Ribena
Senior camp was fun and crazy haha
Fun because you know every single participant, crazy coz 5 days worth of activities jam-packed into 3 days! There were lots of uncertainties, and of course lots of last minute complications. Glad that everything turned out fine. Big thanks to my programmers who helped me out!

 @Bukit Timah
After senior camp ended, it was Admin period aka Freshie Welcoming period. 
To us CPs, it was turned into a break and also destress period after the senior camp. Apologies to the admin officers for me being so slack. 
I guess after the first "obstacle" CPs somehow got much closer and we decided to call for a CP bonding camp! Went Bukit Timah for hiking! OMG I'm so not a hiking person TT.TT But glad that I survived. 

Then we join the freshies at Marina Barrage for Picnic and Kite-flying!
It was my first time over there!! Really love the atmosphere and of course the awesome view of both the MBS and also the straits. 

sorry, can't leave without a selfie

Lying down on the green grass and enjoying the warm sunlight

and FOC Day 1 started!
Thanks to senior camp, the real camp was indeed much easier to conduct and things went smoothly. I didn't felt so stressed at least and the best part is still getting to see the freshies have fun! It felt kinda surreal at times, one year of preparation and it boils down to just 5 days. 

Had fun being game master (and watch the freshies "suffer" hahahahha)

oops did I not introduce my OG this year?
It's Best OG Typhoeus yo!!!!!
Ok I admit I'm kinda OFF in my OG
But I do adore all the freshies that I know in typhoeus. They are really funny and awesome people.  Oh gosh feel so old now haizzz....

A final photo of Maincomms TT.TT
This was taken during our final debrief session. 
I almost teared up when the fact that we won't be gathering like this again hit me. As much as I use to hate meetings, this final meeting truly means everything is ending, and how often can we gather such big bunch of people? Even at this moment, I miss how we crack into jokes during meetings, and the family-gathering-warmth you feel whenever you see these people in meeting (coz we rarely meet each other since everyone's in different course). 

August -- Get back to work
The semester started, as much as I don't want it to. As usual 5 subjects, this year I took Traditional Chinese Medicine, which I only attended the lecture once haha, and thanks to that, most of my time was mainly spent on the CCA activities... both official and non-official ones.

Was able to work as Student Ambassador at NTU Fest!
Yeap, NTU's big event, the one that Gary from Runningman actually came.
Love my job ler, work in the day, enjoy the night. 

Earthlink's Environmental Camp!
It's my first time joining and I was a GL! haha
haizzz I know i'm not a good GL, unless you judge by the degree of slackness :D
Love my group anyways!!
Owh and we got to sleep at the underwater world! Great experience but I was freezing TT.TT

Sorry I don't have photos of me at the underwater world tunnel. Will re-upload when I get my hard disk back. 

Shortly after the camp, comes the election
Grateful that I got elected. 
That day will always remind me what I need to do to fulfill my promise. 

Merdeka Night!!
Haha fun night I must say, everyone in glitz and glam
Loads of laughter and I was given the chance to be MC again hehe
What a great gathering with the people I'd known from the past year in MSA and also meeting up with the freshies. 

Sorry let me show-off yixia
Nope, not my dress... Nahhh, not my face haha
My hair!! Okay I know it's still messy here, but it's one of the rare days where the curls are really defined heheh
simply proves the saying: 没有丑女人,只有懒女人
haizzz miss my curls TT.TT

September -- Work Piling up, despo for an escape
Lots of stuff to deal with. Not many events, but recess week was near!!! woohoo

CPs gathering at one of my fave NTU events -- Mid Autumn Festival
Just as last year, they made an epic scene at the Yunnan Garden. 
Great to just walk around with lanterns and enjoy the festive atmosphere. 

A short MidAutumn Celebration after that

Student Leader's Night!
I am so grateful that my president actually gave me a chance to attend this. This is like the super top-leaders-only event ler!! I was actually given a task during the event, sorry I didn't really complete it
But it was great to get to know the SAO officers. Great listening to them.

FOC Programmers and PnP Retreat!
Best barbeque session I had so far!!
Why? Awesome food and Fun people
Hope to have it again weih!!
I miss making bbq cheeseburger and grilled mantou!!

RaceON to kickstart ma recess week!!
which I mentioned in the previous post hehehe

October -- What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
I would say October is the most exhilarating month
Ups and Downs. Quizzes, assignments, events to plan, feels like you're going to die soon, but it's the stress that keeps you moving, and to wrap up the month, we had a fun trip at USS Halloween!

Dinner at Malaysia's High Commissioner 
with the High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore and our current Education Deputy Minister
quite an eye-opening dinner I would say
nerve-wrecking as well haha, coz how often do you get to sit down on the same table with a minister?
But glad that they are all friendly people and are willing to help with the questions we have. 

Love this photo haha
FOC Top 5 and MSA Top 5

Love this photo oso haha, You see that row of freshies!! Pattern banyak!

Earthlink's MainComm outing!!
Well not exactly an outing haha, but it's still time for us to get to know each other more. 
Funny how our topics revolved around our Chinese names hahahah
It was also Stephany's birthday!

MSA Hall Event!
Great program and awesome performance!
So freaking awesome, they totally brought Hall Event to another level
So proud of them 

My Campaign Management Committee!!!
Thanks to them, everything is possible TT.TT
Love them loads

hehe....USS even though I still have a bunch of assignments with me!
see my review post here: 

My first event planned for Earthlink
I know it's far from good
But still glad that everything went smoothly
and many thanks for all the subcomms who helped out, including modelling for our reusable bag haha

Last Day of October, we attended the launching of MASIS
which is the Malaysian Association in Singapore
I guess the event was attended by lots of Malaysian Elites in Singapore
Obviously I have no thoughts in socializing haha
I was just enjoying the good Malaysian food and also the beautiful rooftop environment at Agrobazaar which is located at the beautiful Sultan Gate area
Got to meet some of our friends at NUS too!

To those who want to satisfy your hunger for Malaysian food or products
Including durian sweet treats and also delicious white coffee, do come to this cozy cafe cum mini market at Sultan Gate area

Owh well, I had to snap these photos
Coz you can't imagine the overwhelming sense of HOME that I got when I saw all these dishes.
Yes, been craving for these whenever I'm away from home. 
You have no idea how much I miss goreng pisang and lekor TT.TT

November -- Preparing for war (Not really haha)
After all the tiring months, November seems to be a resting month for me instead of fueling up for exams. I was exceptionally lazy this sem. I guess my finals results will reflect the same thing. But I dont feel guilty about it to be honest, coz I'm just too tired. To me, Life shouldn't be always busy and so what if it kills my grades. I want to make myself happy heheh

I've been cooking a lot of spaghetti this semester haha
Easy and Tasty hehe

Super awesome, all these food can revive a tired soul, like really.
Will do a separate post about it. :D

December -- Post exam holiday mode!!!
weeeee exams are over and before I knew it, I'm already having fun with my friends haha at the very first moment when exam ended.

Sing K with the econs gang at our very own Campus Clubhouse!!
The room was bigger and the place turned into a dancefloor for us immediately haha
Who cares if the people outside can hear us screaming and squeaking. 

Got to work as a student helper in a NTU hosted international conference
It's like my summer job again haha
Registration and ushering
But the best part is still....

 The food perks!
Lots of delicious stuff I had over the two days. 

Celebrated Shinnee's Birthday as well!

and finally...
Meet up with my two dear sapos before I head home haha
this two girls are so funneh LOL
so happy to chat with them before we part for at least one month TT.TT

Hmmmm what else...
owh haha this is worth mentioning:
haizzz but lesson learnt, fringes are not meant for me TT.TT
Coz they won't stay in place for more than a minute :(
it will end up forming an arch like mcdonalds LOL

Yea all these were taken during the golden one minute after I blowdry my fringe haha

Also in this sem...
I'm roomies with this lady!!
Special shoutout for her la...coz she's really a victim of my crazy days...
don't know if she'll read this though haha

遇到一个整晚开着灯又ping ling pang lang的roomie
haizzzz 希望下个sem你能好过一点haha...
你就多骂我吧! LOL

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