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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boxing day -- Afternoon Tea at Majestic Hotel and Shopping at Paradigm Mall

Trying out da blogger app for the first time! Seems convenient for short posts.
Anyways gonna share ytd day out with the parents. Went afternoon tea at The Majestic Hotel. Of course not because i turned "fut tai" la! Courtesy of my previous job, i had 4 afternoon tea vouchers which were going to expire in 2 weeks time.
After the super filling tea time, went paradigm mall to window shop with mom heh. Selfied summore lol
Love the red velvet cupcake with cheese frosting!
Well it's a first for me and my parents to dine together in such a ATAS environment. 
We can't really laugh or talk like how we usually do LOL
so conclusion, atas places are not for us haha
Read my previous experience here.

Love this shop
It's called The Red's Revenge if I'm not wrong
themed around Red Riding Hood and the wolf. 
Love the accessories there, and it's actually affordable!!

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