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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Supper Hop at Old Airport Road Hawker Center and The Daily Scoop @ Holland Village

This was roughly one month before finals...
It's my first time joining MSA supper hop. 
Glad that we got to escape Pulau NTU and also stimulate our tongues which might have turned numb from all the canteen food. No complaint about NTU canteens, but it does get boring. I think that's why I was craving a lot of spicy food especially the Mala 麻辣香锅 recently. 
Anyways, it was a Saturday night, and we traveled all the way to the east for dinner at Old Airport Road Hawker Center and back to west for icecream dessert. 

Hawker Food Craze!

Well there are so many stalls over there, and we have no idea which one is good haha...
What to do? All we did was to find stalls that have queue LOL I think everyone else has the same mindset as well, which pretty much explains why some stalls have super long queue, while some were just...peaceful. Anyways, turns out our strategy was a rather good one, most of the food we ordered taste great! And I was checking out some other blogs that reviewed the food there, we indeed chose some of the best offerings there. Here's what we had: (Sorry I do not know the exact stall number for the following)

Taste more like the Penang version, strong flavor of prawn paste and silky sauce.
Love all the yummy and crunchy veggie and fruits. 

Fried Oyster
We tried Fried Oyster from two stalls. This one came from the same stall as the hokkien mee. 
This one is the more starchy type, thicker texture and a milder flavor of the oyster. 

Char Kuay Teow in Dark Sauce
Yummy!! Can never go wrong with the chewy kuayteow, crunchy taugeh and sweetness from the cockles.

Char Kuay Teow without Dark Sauce
to be honest I think there's not much difference from the previous one
but of course the Dark one has a thicker texture and taste, while the one without has a lighter taste. 

Singapore's Hokkien Mee
Yeap, another Hokkien Mee haha
I wonder how many types of Hokkien Mee are there, after Penang's Prawn Noodle, KL's Black Sauce Fried Noodles... and we have Singapore's version. No spicy prawn soup, no black sauce. But a nice gravy with prawns, squid and most important Fried Lard!! 

Fried Carrot Cake in Dark Sauce
One of my favorites of the night!
In Singapore, you can have fried carrot cake with and without dark sauce, unlike the usual dark sauce version in Malaysia most of the time. But I still prefer the dark sauce version haha
The Dark sweet sauce just gives another layer of taste. I like the slightly-burnt taste that fried food have. 

Our second Fried Oyster
all of us prefer this more, and ordered a second serving!
This one is less starchy, more eggs and therefore fluffier, crunchier and of course more fragrant!
The oysters are also fresh and juicy! Together with the chili sauce, it's perfect! 

Grilled Chicken Wings
This is just too good, well seasoned meat, juicy with smoked flavor and crunchy skin. You'll need to lick your fingers a few times to capture all the essence heheh...

To sum it up, my favorites were.....*drumrolls* the 2nd Fried Oyster, The Carrot Cake and Chicken Wings!
Too bad we had limited stomach space, would have tried more food and also desserts!

Old Airport Road Food Centre
Blk 51 Old Airport Road #01-12
390051, Singapore.

Next stop, we traveled back west and found ourselves at a lane of shop lots near Holland Village MRT. Few steps down and we found this cozy and bright ice cream joint. To our horror, the place was crowded, despite it was raining and the weather was so freaking cold. It was impossible to find place to seat down due to the heavy rain as no one was leaving. So we ordered our ice creams, went outside, found a staircase and just sat down and enjoyed our scoops of sweet joy.  

The Daily Scoop @ Holland Village  

The Daily Scoop serves a wide range of flavors which certainly aren't your usual vanilla and strawberry flavor.  
Some of them even have interesting combinations that trigger your curiosity to try them!

Strawberry Shortcake -- SGD 3.50
Very creamy but to my surprise it taste light and the sourness from the berry keeps you wanting more. To add texture, there are bits of shortcake that gets you chewing while the strawberry and ice cream melts on your tongue. Nice!

Brownie with Single Scoop of Vanilla Ice cream -- SGD 6.20
This is so good! The brownie is warm, crunchy and fudgey. You'll realize it's not as sweet as usual brownies, melt some ice cream with the brownie to give the perfect sweetness. Chocolatey and vanilla, warm and cold, chewy and get so many contrasting flavors and texture! Love it.   

Girls always have a quota for dessert no matter how much food we chugged in during dinner. 

The pretty cafe interior. 

I think it's great that they have ice cream cafes in the midst of all the specialty coffee shops. It's a more affordable alternative for outings with a small group friends. Will visit again to try other flavors. 

The Daily Scoop
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens,
Singapore 278115
Tel: 6475 3128

Check out The Daily Scoop's website for the location of other outlets.

Random: In the bus hehe...

Had a very fun day with the MSA peeps, especially during the bus ride. This year's freshies are so crazy and active! Glad that they bring so much joy and fun. 

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