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Friday, December 19, 2014

Orchard Christmas Lights and Nam Nam @ Plaza Singapura

It's holidays and exams were over, time to have awesome food and feed my hunger :D
My friend complaint that I've been posting food photos like crazy on instagram since my exam ended haha Yeap, who cares  about my weight, I'm just gonna eat like there's no tomorrow haha

It's a night in the city, and I knew where I want to satisfy my craving for yummy stuffs.
Nam Nam Noodle Bar at Plaza Singapura
Almost everytime I visited Plaza Singapura, I can hardly miss the aroma of fragrant soup whenever I pass by this shop, especially when I take the escalator up. Told myself I would definitely come one day heheh...

The Banh Mi
Vietnam's version of burger
The best part would be the crunchy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside french loaf aka baguette. I think they use the same salty seasoning as ramlee burger, but this is definitely a healthier version and has much more layers of texture. The crunchy cucumber, slightly sour pickled radish, super fragrant cilantro and a bit of chili to add some heat! Together with the baguette omg, u tell me how to not taste awesome? 

Grilled Chicken Banh Mi -- SGD 6.90
This is so good!!!! The chicken is really tender, juicy and well seasoned and it has egg slices as well. Together with all the other veggies and baguette, one bite gives you a burst of flavors and texture. 

Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi -- SGD 5.90
Taste good too. The tofu is slightly grilled with soy sauce on top I think, can't taste lemongrass though. A rather healthy choice compared to the chicken one. 

And here come The Pho!
aka Vietnam's noodles
The texture is slightly harder than our kuayteow and less sticky and chewy
Pho Beef Combination -- SGD 9.90
This is one unexpected goodness
At first I was kind of reluctant to order this because I had never eaten cow organs
But since I get to try both the meatball and beef slices, so I decided to try out
and to my surprise omgggg, beef tendons taste awesome!!!!
Is like both chewy and crunchy with a very tasty flavor, abit like fish maw
By the way the soup rocks. I don't know how they can have such a strong pepper flavor without it being too spicy for my tongue. But few seconds later, the pepper will still send some heat down your throat, which feels really warm and it's even awesome coz the weather was kinda chilly that day. Love the soup. The meatball taste great too!

Dry Sauteed Lemongrass Pork Noodle -- SGD 9.90
Err, the colors kinda fooled us abit haha
Not to say it taste bad, but the flavors are more towards the mild side, more of a refreshing taste. Something like salad I would say.

Seafood Noodle Soup -- SGD 9.90
It looks spicy but it's not, more of a sweet and sour taste.But it's not really seafood afterall, just fishballs. 

check out this bunch of seasonings that you can add to customize your pho and also banhmi!

Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk -- SGD2.60
This is so good!!! The condensed milk kind of dominated but it still has a very strong coffee aroma.
Love the refreshing taste!
Btw you see that wooden thing? It's a straw!
I thought it was a stirer and dare not to use it haha...

Dinner dates of the night!

Can't wait to dig in!

Will definitely come back here again! The food are actually quite affordable. Just to clarify, we ordered extra banhmi just because we were just too crazily hungry haha, not because the Pho has a small portion. By the way, prices includes GST and there's no service charge, yeap it's all nett prices! 

Nam Nam @PLAZA SINGAPURA68 Orchard Road, #01-55, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Contact Number: 6837 2234

Go to Nam Nam's Website to find out the location of other outlets!

After our dinner, it's time to enjoy the Christmas Lights in Orchard!
Must share this before Xmas comes
It was my first time to witness the world renowned Orchard Christmas Lights. And it didn't fall short of my expectations, the street was brightly lit. Everything was just so vibrant and joyful. Sorry Pavilion, not even your deco can win. Magnificent would be a suitable word. Here are the photos I'd taken with my phone's camera, NO FILTER! So yeap you can imagine the real thing will be much awesome! 

It's also my first time going INTO a Christmas Tree!

Outside ION Orchard
My favorite xmas tree on Orchard Road
It's like white chocolate and berries haha
Sweet and indulgent

This Tree of Stars looks super nice through camera lens. Those bright golden rims made everything look almost magical. 

Playing with the bright golden lights.

My failed attempt to annoy the angel

Love this photo much haha...
It's like 2 idiots stuck in fairyland

Some extras heheh:
Visited Changi Chapel Museum 
It's free admission, but no photos allowed. 
Super informative despite being just a small museum.
Yeap this is one of those places that makes you feel grateful that you're born in a period without war and never have to go through all the pain and suffer. 
There's also small church inside the museum with murals related to Christ
It's peaceful and I love it.

There's an altar to pay respect to all the foreign warriors who fought and also suffered as prisoners during WW2

We went to Downtown East as well!!
This is the signature Cadbury Ferris Wheel that you'll see outside the building. 
To my surprise, there'a actually nothing much in there. The only thing we can do is play in the arcade haha. 

So yeap, hope this post gives you a glimpse of what I experienced on the Streets of Singapore in this Christmas Season! Beautiful sights I must say, wish Malaysia can have beautiful illuminations like them also, I bet it will look awesome in the streets of KL especially when it can highlight the traditional and modern buildings altogether. Anyways I'm back home! Very tired, I need to hibernate like seriously. Gotta start work soon! and Can't wait to visit all the malls and snap pretty photos. Will update again soon! Stay tuned :D

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