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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

I'm a girl that loves adventure.....
but I do crave for luxury and pampering during my travel.

And my dream destination with all the
and also Shopping!!

will be KOREA

Argh.... I'm still working hard to earn money for a trip to Korea.
It's not really far now. Since MAS is offering very affordable air tickets.

Okay, Why Korea?
The primary reason will be....
Korea is all in one!!
Unlike Hawaii (where you can only surf)
or Taiwan (where you can only go to the mountains)
or Vietnam (where all you can do is to visit Angkor Wat)
You can do everything in Korea because everything in that place is unique!

For Adventure, you can simply take hike to any of their famous mountains or islands
such as Mt. Namsan, Namhansanseong Provincial Park, or Jeju Island
It must be fun with all the cool breeze and also warm sun.

For History,
I know you must have heard some from Da Jang Geum
Korea's ancient history is very different from other countries such as China and M'sia
But unique at the same time,
as the ancient culture was influenced by both China and Japan.
It's simply exquisite.
Now, there are about 4 or destination that has been stated as the World Heritage Centre.
Such as ChangDeukGong and Jongmyo Shrine

Culture, Korean culture is more than special.
In both ancient and modern culture.
Their ancient culture is influenced by China.
But their Modern culture is influenced by the America.
It's definitely interesting.

Then for leisure and excitement.
I will never miss the performance of the super famous Jump and Nanta show and I will never leave without going to Everland and Lotte World which is the top 10 theme parks in the world.

Korea is very modernized country.
The hotels and accommodation are brilliant and luxurious.
For me, I would love to live in a Seoul hotel where I can just relax and take in the seoul view.

Food. OMG. To me, korean food is the most special part.
Because they are like nothing else. They are super unique.
I'm a big fan of KimChi but I really want to try the real Korean KimChi as it will be 10 times hotter, I suppose.
And they have really strange and weird snacks.

Very cute restaurant at Daehangno, the street of youth and theatres.

And the people in Korea, hmm... I'm sure they are pretty nice.
And I'm sure there must be a lot of lang lui's and leng zhai's.
i'll definitely stalk hot guys with my camera! lol!!

Another Must Do thing is Shopping!!!!!

Yea, I really really love Korea.
It's a country where I can go for a hike at Daytime and go to some lounge to relax at night.
And it's a really inspiring place.
With all the mixture of modern and ancient culture, foreign and local elements.

The distance between My Dream Destination and me is not that far after all.
It's getting closer.

I think MAS is really offering good prices to travel.
and It's the only local airline that has a route to Korea.
Awesome rite??
and their service is brilliant.

If you have a dream destination that you want to fly there right now.

Fly with MAS Right Now!!

Go to :

Plan your dream destination now!!!

Yay, Episodes 4 - 7 of Project Alpha Season 2.
Where they continue their fun at Kuching.
Stay tuned as they give you grooming, blogging and also traveling tips.

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  1. Nice Leh... Drop By ^oo^

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    wtf. angkor wat's in cambodia lah. duh

  3. yea my bad.... I wrote cambodia at first and then I came across this website that says it's in vietnam.... I know I failed in Geography so i changed it... and somehow it's really in cambodia..... WTF, why am I explaining it to you??

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    can u tel me where u buy the garnier body scrub? thank....


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