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Thursday, July 25, 2013

30 Hour Famine -- Experience hunger and understand the danger

Just a short post here
about my experience at the 30 Hour Famine
Date : 13th-14th July

I had the privilege to be part of the committee of a DIY camp, thanks to Hanrui who pulled me in to work as the photographer.*winkwink* Obviously i'm nothing close to a pro when it comes to photography, I don't even know how to use a tripod *shameonme* haha...but I thought it is time for me to actually be part of this meaningful annual event and just contribute whatever I can to bring light into others lives.

Lots of photos to share haha(but malas to upload all), coz it was truly a fun camp The games are actually amazing(tho I'm not part of it) Every game has a lesson behind them and they kind of resemble the daily activities of children who live in India and are facing hunger issues. It actually give campers an idea of the situation of children in India, it allows them to have a taste of their daily lives where they are starved from food, clean water, electricity and shelter.  

Yeap, every member has a disability(one-eye, tied-legs, onearm-disable, protein deficiency) 
which are very common among children in India.

Fishing with tonados and tiger attack :
resembles the risks that fishermen face when they go out into the sea

 Fetching water using balloons:
resembles how children have to walk long distance just to get one small bucket of clean water
(and they usually have to take many rounds)

Building a shelter and finally tested with strong wind:
reflects the scarcity of strong houses that can withstand disasters

Other than that, starving myself for 30 hours was indeed a memorable experience. To my surprise, I didn't exactly feel hungry, I wasn't really craving for food (tho I keep on saying i'm hungry haha). Instead of hungry, I felt tired, as in lack of energy. It's not the sleepy type of tired, I just feel like I don't wanna do anything and just wanna stone there. That was when I realize, the real problem is not just hunger, but the effects of hunger that made the kids become malnourished, tired, incapable of studying well (as they can barely concentrate) and more prone to disease and also accidents

listening orders from someone who speaks with water in mouth :
To resemble what students feel or hear while in class --- vague and blurry statements ---- as they have no food and no energy to concentrate!

Anyways we went to the countdown event at Putra Indoor Stadium. It was indeed an awesome experience weih, it felt like a super high concert!! where everyone is there to celebrate something good and share happiness. There were lots of performances, including some k pop dance which I really adore haha. It was just awesome to indulge in music and art. My fave performances were from Faizal Tahir, Geraldine, Ryn and of course the ambassador for this event, Christine Fan! 范范,范玮琪!

My fave photo
sorry I shouldn't have printed my blogadd, this photo belongs to Jian Ung :D

BreakFast LORRRR!!!
Yam seng! omg essence of chicken to yumseng hahaha

Finally, a photo of me and DA Committee yo!
Just really wanna thank them larrr, coz they are just a bunch of super friendly people!!
Most of them, ok all of them, are younger than me by 2 years!
so yeap, consider my little bros and sis...haha
and I don't know them before, but I was grateful that we mixed along well in just a short period of time.
Not just friendly, they are also very funny, so many jokes and nonsense haha
and Everyone has a talent!! like seriously, gt ppl can sing, play guitar, plan piano, percussion etc etc etc if we had time n d equipment horr, the camp would have turned into a jam session hahaha
but the best part is still how we can just chat and joke around one another...
they are all a bunch of very smart, active and hardworking young people I believe
Though the camp is over, I really do wish them all the best and hope we'll meet soon!

 Photo belongs to Jian (right??) lol
 See this bunch of talented boys, they can just perform out of nowhere hehe...
anyways, the committee did a performance of the Cups by Anna Kendrick
if got video I'll share hehe...

Finally, meet da camp OC/Leader : Qian Ying
Very ambitious girl and has a heart for the society, really wanna thank her for giving me this opportunity to be part of this event hehe...
hope we'll gather again next year!!

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