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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bites and Pieces at 1 Utama Shopping Center

Just some shots that I've taken
Most of them are snacks that you can find in 1 Utama Shopping Center
Go Hunt Them Down!!

1. Freezy Freezy Gelato
Location : SK107 Second Floor
Price Range : RM7-15
Not exactly cheap for gelato
But it taste kinda nice
We mixed two flavors. I can only remember passion fruit coz it's really delicious...
Sour-ish with a tinge of sugar. 

2. Garrett Popcorn @ Candylicious
Location : G139BB Ground Floor
Price Range : >RM15
me and my cousins bought this and took it into the cinema, seriously total indulgence haha
anyways we had The Chicago Mix
which is actually two flavors in one :
1. Caramel Crisp, Seriously awesome, I din know popcorn can be this yummy. It's sweet but not the sugar-sick type. You will just enjoy chewing and listening to the crispy sound while the sweet taste lingers on your tongue. 
2.  Cheesecorn, I don't like the texture coz it's like very soft which is totally the opposite of the caramel one. But I do like the flavor, it has a mild cheesy taste that keeps you craving for more. Unlike usual cheese that makes you stop after a few bites. 

 3. Kita no Zen, Japanese Restaurant
Location : LG101 Lower Ground Floor
Price Range : RM20-30

Oh Gosh I have no idea what is this called, but I really love this dish
Me and my mom always order this
It's actually lotus root and natto
yes the sticky sticky natto
No worries it does not stink at all!! Instead the texture is rather amazing as you have a sticky and crunchy taste. They have a special sauce drizzled over it as well, which makes the dish a very awesome appetizer.
Really recommend this :D

4. Coffee Bean
Location : G323C Ground Floor
Price Range : RM10-20
 White Chocolate Latte
One of the reasons why I like Coffee Bean more than starbucks hehe
This latte is just.. Thumbs Up!!
Love the super sweet taste but with a finishing bitter effect. It doesn't taste like coffee, but more like chocolate drink, which really warms the stomach. Love it!

5. Lavender Bakery
Location : G213AA, Ground Floor
Price Range : RM2 - 20
Harajuku Cheesecake
aka Half baked Cheesecake
One of my favorite cakes in the world
It's like cheese ice cream, creamier and rich!
Love the mild cheese flavor, yes the cheese flavor is mild, but it lingers in your mouth for a long time, making your whole mouth full of cheesy aroma.
Anyways, Lavender really has all the creative cakes and bread. I love them since I'm a little girl. Until now, I still but their Madeleines.

 6. Waffle World
Location : S343A, Second Floor
Price Range : RM10-20

Caramel Banana Waffle
Thumbs Up!! Banana is just an amazing fruit larrr
It's like sweet and slightly fruity sour at the same time.
The creamy caramelized banana and also vanilla ice cream compliments each other.
The waffle is also very crispy. 
I Love the Hot n Cold, Crispy and Creamy Effect of this waffle!

7. Burger King
Location : S348, Second Floor
Price Range : RM5-15

I wasn't a big fan of burger king in the past, but after trying out their burger deals that cost only RM6 something, totally fell for them. I tried their Bacon Cheeseburger which has a slice of crunchy bacon and a thin slice of beef patty. Can you imagine??? The juicy patty and also the crunchy bacon? The strong flavor and the texture is just so nice! The chips are actually quite delicious as well. My cousin had a grilled chicken burger which taste awesome as well!! Juicy and the crazy aroma of grilled chicken hehe...

I really like 1 Utama's Burger King, looks very cozy and very cafe-ish instead of the usual fastfood restaurant. Good place to hang out!

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