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Sunday, July 28, 2013

小霸王 Xiao Bar Wang @ 1 Utama

Was looking thru those old photos and there's actually a lot of food stuff
But they were taken so long ago that I can't even remember the price and the name of those dishes
Nevertheless, I will never forget the taste of all the food I've tried before
So yea, I'll try to post all the restaurants that I think is quite good and would recommend to you guys
First Up :
Xiao Bar Wang Taiwanese Snacks @ 1 Utama

a very short post about this shop
basically the reason I like them very much is bcoz of their Mee Sua!
well I dunno whether it's ORI taiwanese taste larr, but the mee sua is really nice man!!
The thick and rich broth and also the crunchy meesua
and there's some meatballs as well...
Really Love It
Unlike the Oyster Meesua, this one is has a chicken-broth kind of taste and the meesua absorbs the sweetness of the soup. Really Like! Thumbs Up!

By the way, they have this set meal which cost around RM9 if i'm not wrong...
It includes a drink

 The Yummy Meesua and also Rosella Drink

 Another dish that we tried, the famous taiwanese Braised Pork Rice 鲁肉饭
and also Taiwanese Black Sugar Milk Tea 黑糖奶茶!
The rice is actually not bad as well! The meat texture is quite chewy and the rich taste goes well with plain rice! I love their milk tea btw :D

If I'm not wrong, this restaurant originated from Singapore and it's actually founded by several MediaCorp artiste. 

Anyways, if you're craving for something with rich flavors and also not too expensive, Go to Xiao Bar Wang! They have other taiwanese snacks as well, like tea egg and the crispy chicken chop. 

Xiao Bar Wang 小霸王
Lot LG118, 
Lower Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama. 

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