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Friday, July 26, 2013

Farewell -- Meet up with the dear ones

Ohkay.....just some update about things that happened in the past 2 months hehe...
so in June, I received my offer to study in NTU
after breaking the news to the close friends, we decided to meet up hehe...

So...first up
Surprise Gathering with the collegemates!
haha still can't forget how funny the incident was...
Our beloved professor Jinyun will be flying to UK to study her degree, therefore me and sheauwen decided to meet up with her.

A fb msg conversation with Sheauwen 2 days before the outing:
Me : eyh, do u wanna ask Jiachee, sookching they all to join
SW : Haiyer...can you just be naive like me jek! Dun ask lar!
What naive? what dun ask? Bu Ming Bai?
Keep your bu-ming-bai-ness...

 So it was suppose to be just 3 of us. But in the middle of our lunch, our collegemates starts to appear out of nowhere, and all I had was a shocked face whenever they walk into the restaurant haha....Didn't really know it's actually a planned surprise farwell for me and Jinyun. Yea they did it, I was in fact surprised and also stunned like crazy. Coz i actually planned to have a gathering with collegemates, but thanks to d mastermind of this plan, who stopped me from inviting anyone else, I did not JIO other close friends. Then when our mastermind Sheauwen checked in on foursquare, everyone starts the BOJIO thing and I panicked coz i really felt bad that I didn't ask them to join us. haha then slowly things get fishy LOL
but it took me so long to realize it was a surprise hahahah....
nevertheless, they made me break a cold sweat seriously...

anyways, that day was indeed one of the best BETA gatherings I had in my life! It was just pure chit chatting session, everyone was updating about their lives, and encouraging each other, giving blessings to each other. I really love the strong bond we hold, omg i feel like crying as I'm writing this. I really love the Beta gang TT.TT  It was just so great to hear that everyone has settled down and we are all on track towards our dream! I mean, all of us really did struggle and all of us knew each other's hardship, it's just so heartwarming to see everyone finally going after what we want and we're happy for each other. :D

too bad I had to leave early, wished I could stay longer with them!

Then a week later, weekend hangout with the Sg Long Housemates and GG people, hehe GlobalEconomics Gang :D
I just feel so happy to spend time with them, at the same time I just wish we had more time, coz I realize there's so much things that I do not know about them....8 months was indeed too short :(

anyways, meet up with my housemates first and went afternoon tea with them
These two are like my brothers, one always help me do this do that, the other always listen to my crap haha...anyways we chat a lot that day and I know I'll miss talking to them so much!! They are really like family to me...the people that I turn to whenever I have problems and complaints...

 Thomson the Big Nice Guy

KK the Genius in a bottle

Yea we can be that that that crazy!

At night, I went midnight makan with my lecturer Ms Farah!! awesome experience, too bad I had to leave, or else this semester would have been super fun! haha...

So second day, went to Midvalley with the GG. Had our lunch at Chilis yo! which marks our Round 1 of the journey haha...Anyways, Chilis food portion is so big that it took us like 2 hours to finish our meal haha

Went shopping around with the girls, pity the guys haha had to bear with us shoppaholics
it's sale season larr, how to resist all the clothes u tell me?

Anyways, had our Round 2 at Starbucks, Gardens...
Love it, it was like a chillax session with my dear friends...
talk about our days, some nonsense, jokes hehe, laughters...
while enjoying a cup of earl grey latte. Thumbs Up!

selca non stop haha

more more more selcas OMG

then more photo sessions at The Gardens...
 too bad the fountain was switched off exactly at 10pm :(
if not the background would have been superb!
Notice how everyone was having a shopping spree haha...

Photos with ma princesses
Sweet girl Helice, Everygirl's bestfriend Kaixin and You-jump-I-jump's Rose, Jingwen :P

 Our GG Leader, Jovial on the left :D

Cinderella wanna-be, Sharon and ma K-pop buddy, Jieying.

Went back to Sg Long and continued with 2 more rounds haha
awww I have this bunch of ON-La friends hehe

Round 3 at Station One Cafe LOL
enjoyed some drinks, live music, chats with d buddies and also playing darts(which I still suck at and keep on "fish-ing")
It was just like the old times!! haizzz I'm gonna miss this so damn much

Round 4 at Station 2!!
Our mamak spot omg!
Just enjoy d food and blow water non stop!
one of the best things about UTAR-ian life!

Totally drained that day haha...
Eat, Drink, Play, Happy
went back to hostel and sleep
2nd day, had our round 5 OMG
Brunch at MZ!
our affordable brunch spot with Wi-Fi!

It was the first day where the haze really turned KL into genting
all of us were wearing masks haha

OMG we r d only ppl who can find fun in the middle of the bad haze haha...

So yea, after the round 5, I went back to hostel and started packing my stuffs :(
This time, I'm leaving for real. Really felt sad as I was tidying up the room and shifting all my stuffs in the bathroom and kitchen. I'll miss all these experiences in Sg Long so much...

Oh not to forget!!
Meet Ma Roommate Candy!

This girl is getting really busy, too bad I didn't have time to catch up with her. But I guess she's having lots of fun right now, really wish her all the best!

So yea, that's pretty much what happened during the catch-ups with my friends...
Really wanna thank them for having a farewell, and thanks for putting in d effort to actually make it a surprise as well haha...

Anyways, i said this on fb once, but I still wanna say it
Congrats to ma Professor Soo for getting a scholarship to study EEE in UK!!!
I am so freaking proud of you! You turned the odds into your favor!
Really happy for you! I always think of you as someone beyond ordinary level! All the best in UK!

Kay I'll try my best to post food stuffs haha...
i'm still organizing the photos and information....
will update soon!

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