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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fish and Co. @ 1 Utama

It's actually not my first time visiting this restaurant
I had always been a big fan of their fish and chips!
Okay fine, I dun order the chips, I like to trade it for the Paella Rice, which taste awesome hehe...
anyways another good point is, the price is quite reasonable! You can have one fish and chip and order a drink for less than RM20 in this restaurant.
One of my fave restaurants :)

Fish & Co. @ 1 Utama
Price Range : RM15-20

Basically, this restaurant offers all kinds of seafood dishes. And they always serve it in a pan haha...Their specialty is definitely Fish and Chips with different variations, but they offer other seafood as well. I tried their seafood platter before, all the seafood are really fresh and well cooked, flavoring is awesome as they play around with garlic and butter. 

Best Fish and Chips in Town 
it's not a description, it's the name!
This is like super crispy!! And I love the how the crispy layer and soft fish texture mix together in your mouth. The sauce also adds a tinge of flavor which brings out the fish's sweetness and freshness. Very nice!

Singapore Fish and Chips
The Singapore twist in this is the Chili Crab sauce which pretty much taste like tomato pasta sauce to me. Well nothing special, but quite delicious as well due to the sweet and sour flavor. 

Earl Grey Tea -- RM4.50
dunno why but I remember the price haha

Fish & Co. 
@ 1 Utama
LG 350 Lower Ground Floor 
Lebuh Bandar Utama 
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 60 3 7722 4928
Fax: 60 3 7722 1596

Go to their website for other outlet's location :

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