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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mum's Place @ Damansara Perdana

Simple yet delicious, just like mom's cooking
The one reason I like this restaurant so much is that they are very consistent with their quality. Every dish that you order from the menu is delicious and also have its special twist.
This is the place where you get both special and all time favorites at the same time.

Mum's Place @ Damansara Perdana

It's a halal restaurant that serves local dishes, there's some hints of nyonya, chinese, malay and also fusion on their menu. I would say their dishes are kinda 1 Malaysia larr, coz i believe everyone will love them.

Portuguese Style Beef Slices -- RM16.80
I think they sort of braised the beef, kinda like rendang but non spicy one. The beef slices are soft but with some chewy-ness. The gravy is awesome larr seriously, lots of local spices. Dip the taufu-pok in it, it taste awesome! Really love this one!

Beancurd with Petola -- RM15.90
aka Sheng Gua Taufu 
Nothing special but still very delicious. The gravy is super nice, another rice thief!

Cendol with Redbeans -- RM5.90
they specially mention redbeans coz they are super generous with them!! The redbean paste taste so good and I can tell they made the paste themselves. It's sweet but non the artificial type. The texture is quite nice as you can bite into some of the redbean's crunchy skin. Anyways, the cendol taste awesome larr....super fragrant with santan. Nice cooling dessert.

Ice Kacang ABC -- RM5.90
another awesome dessert
I think they really did a good job with choosing the ingredients
look at the corn mannnn.....they are so juicy and crunchy!
The rose syrup really brings the flavor out while the gula melaka gives a rich flavor.
And there's other toppings as well, love the crunchy texture. Thumbs up!

There's two more dishes that I want to recommend tho I did not take photos :
1. Smoked Chicken served with Thousand Island Dip -- RM16.80
very simple, it's just so delicious that I forgot to take photos. The chicken has a very natural salty taste and it's super juicy. The thousand island sauce acts as a highlight to the natural taste of the chicken.
2, Lemak Kuning Jenahak Fish -- RM7.80/100gm
It's a super fragrant curry with lots of veggie! The curry is a rice thief man, coz it's full of veggies' flavor and also the fish's sweetness. For the fish, it's sweet and has a soft texture, the curry adds some spice to the taste. 

sorry, my bad camera. The place has a very homey feel as well, with lots of wooden furnitures, statues and kind of Balinese elements.
anyways, it's really one malaysia larr, the place is always crowded!! 

Mum's Place
31-1, 33-1, 35-1 & 37-1 , Jalan PJU 8/5A
Damansara Perdana, 47820, 

Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-77278443, 03-77278449; 
Fax: 03-77261055

2nd (actually I think it's the Nth time) visit
The super nice smoked chicken that I recommended!!
Smoked Chicken served with Thousand Island Dip -- RM16.80

Steamed Beancurd with Minced Chicken and Gravy -- RM13.90
this is a "rice-thief" love the super soft tofu. 

Go to their website to have a look on their menu!


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