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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chilling Out Museum at Sasana Kijang

It's Christmas again and time for me and ma dear Miu to explore KL again
Thinking that we actually flipped over every inch of KL attractions, I was worried that this year we might not have places to go anymore. But turns out, we still missed out some places...

Who would have thought a Museum in a Central Bank would be this much fun?

Sasana Kijang is actually the Bank Negara's Building at Jalan Dato Onn. It houses a museum which is FREE for everyone! Why it's awesome? Coz it's not your usual cultural museum with all the traditional costumes, artifacts, mannequins, antiques bla bla bla...
It's a place to learn everything about how the world works to get what they want. You get to learn pretty much how our current world functions to earn income and of course spend them. I think it's cool, coz I think not many people know exactly how money moves around and what does banks do and who are the market players....

Well I'm an economics student afterall, this place is like Candyland for me heh...

Pretty don't you think???
Was instantly mesmerized by the beautiful glass building. It's away from the busy streets, somewhere in the middle of a hill. 

At the lobby of the museum. The must-see 4 storey spiraling stairs awaits. 
sorry if my photo don't do justice to the stairs, it does look cool. 
Looks like something from Inception haha...

Top view. 
I suggest going up the building by lifts and walk back down to the lobby using the stairs hehe

At the ground floor of the museum, there's a Children's museum. At first I thought it's gonna be boring, but it turns out to be the best part!!

The automatic door slides open and we were greeted by this tunnel of jam-packed cash
The door closes and you have no way out haha...
Trust me I kinda freaked out at first lol, probably because of the amount of money surrounding, as if it can drown you haha...

Inside the children's museum, there's lots of interactive displays that pretty much educates children on what bank does, what money does, value of different items, and encourages children to save money. 

This was fun haha, Barcode scanning game that counts your scores according to how much things you "bought". 

Mock bank. They even have a mock deposit slip. 

Authentication of Malaysian bank notes. This was fun too. 

There's a lot more! You can even make your own bank note with your own signature here! Will update here once I get the photos from Miu. 

Moving up, there's Economics gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia gallery, Islamic Finance gallery and Numismatic gallery. And again, lots of interactive displays to let you learn more about the knowledge behind economics and finance. You can try printing your own antique cheque like how they did it in the past. Play a quiz about Islamic Finance and visit a replica of the Central Bank Governor's office. 
It's like my International Monetary Economics module all over again. 

You can unlock the Central Bank vault. Yes there's a keypad and you have to find the password. 

Try being a Forex trader!
I like this game heh, they actually have news and you need to decide whether to sell/buy currency according to the news. 

Macroeconomics lesson -- Interactive version 

A barter system game to play with your friend. You can choose your own character, like Chinese traders, Arab businessman etc etc

This humongous coin was used as a currency 

Yeap the numismatic gallery pretty much shows you every single coin that ever existed in the past. 

and of course bank notes from the past as well...

and present

There were also art galleries in the museum. Though I have no sense of art, but I really like the art galleries coz they are just so spacious and quiet. It really does give you time to sit back, relax and think. Didn't take much photos though. One of the galleries actually prohibits photography. 

This is called a Shout and Cry room
from the description, the artist tries to express the depth of sorrow by creating a space instead of just your normal 2-d art. 
Well to be honest, it looked kinda creepy at first haha...

I think I can just come back again and chill at the galleries for one whole afternoon. 

Okay here comes the best part, they have a decent cafe!
and it's actually cheap and they serve a variety of food! From pastas, local favorites, cakes and pastries...
Pasta was RM9 if i'm not wrong, Hot Mocha was only RM3. 

I'm serious when I say I'll just come back and learn again and have a good lunch here. Awesome day spent. 

Thanks for doing this with me again my dear friend!! 
Let's hope we can explore some where further soon!

Please go to their website to find out more if you're interested to visit!!

Walked across the road, and there's Tunku Abdul Rahman memorial.
I guess nobody visits the place, the whole memorial just looks very....dull and lifeless...
Probably because there wasn't much interesting displays, it's all just WORDS. 
But the building was pretty actually. Apparently it really was the residence of our first Prime Minister. 

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