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Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Burger Lab @ Taman Paramount

woaaa like finally visited this so-damn-popular My Burger Lab. 
Okay I know I fail as a PJ-ian for never been to this highly rated restaurant, coz I've heard about the long queue and as time goes by many comments about it being overrated starts to surface. Anyhow, thanks to the bunch, get to try this for the first time!

It's delicious of course. It's definitely 3 steps higher than your usual fast food burgers. The ingredients, the texture, the taste. I like the sauces they use, slightly sweet. The beef patties were moist. The fries, Really love it. Crunchy, thick and lightly seasoned.  

Beautiful Mess 5.0 -- RM19.00
Delicious! Probably because I love the crunchy yet juicy mushroom. Lots of texture in this one, the runny egg yolk, crunchy fried mushroom, moist beef patty, cheese, lettuce...omg omg omg

Hangover -- RM16.50
Hashbrowns in your burger instead of a side!
Crunchy, mushy and sweet. 

The A+ (Chicken) -- RM15.50
Love this one too, coz of the thick, tender and well seasoned chicken.
Something like my mom will do heh, delicious. 

Prices stated above are Ala-carte (Burger ONLY) prices, you can top up RM6.00 to upgrade it to a set, with the yummy fries and also refillable drink.

Conclusion, the burgers are yummy, but I think the main point is the creativity in the burgers. The mix of ingredients to create the delicious taste and texture. It may not be 5-star yummy, but it's still a favorite. Will visit here again for the Beautiful Mess!

My Burger Lab @ Seapark
14, Jalan 21/22,
SeaPark, 46300 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 5.00pm to 10.15pm

There are another 2 outlets in Sunway and OUG, Please visit their website to find out the exact location.

The NTU bunch...
credits to Ah Ben

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