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Monday, January 05, 2015

For myself and the people who loves me.

Suddenly feel like writing some thoughts tonight. 
Saw many "New Year Resolution" posts start to pop up on my blog feed. I use to do those as well, but I kinda give up doing it coz I know I always fail to achieve what I hoped for in those resolutions. LOL
But still, I'm writing this because of a small thing haha...

On New Year's Day, a holiday for mom, thought she'd stay at home but she went out. Was kinda feeling sad 'cause I thought we could spend some time together. But when she got back, there's a shopping bag with her, and my usual self was already thinking "Hah, she went shopping again, haizzzzzz, Waste money again." She walked towards me with the bag and immediately told me what she bought with enthusiasm. Turns out, she went out to buy a range of shampoo and conditioner and hair tonic for me 'cause she was frightened by my uncontrollable hair loss. She said she was sweeping the floor and the amount of my hair totally freaked her out LOL. True enough, last semester somehow made my hair fall like crazy, if hair can be sold I would have become a billionaire. I think my roomie find my hair loss disturbing also and there was one time she almost slipped coz there's just so much hair. I knew my hair loss problem got worse ever since I realize I can't skip sweeping the floor every 3-4 days unlike my previous weekly sweeping. My hair line widened and yes, every time I pull my fingers through my hair, there will always be at least 2 strands of hair stuck between my fingers. 

I knew something is not so right with my health. But what makes me feel bad is seeing my mom feeling so worried. Haizzz feel so bad that she spent so much money to buy those products for me. :( It's not the usual Pantene or Sunsilk, I can buy Firefly return tickets to Singapore edi. Sorry lor, call me cheapskate but never in my life had I thought of spending more than 30 bucks for Shampoo haha (well maybe that explains my bad hair LOL) Anyways, yes she looked worried and the next day, she cooked herbal soup for me summore TT.TT     

It was first day of 2015, and it really made me think hard on how I should live my life. I guess the only thing I want to put into my resolution list is to really STAY HEALTHY. I always wish people stay healthy but never realize it's actually one of the toughest thing to do, which explains why we use it in wishes right? Yea, I guess I really need to do whatever I can, to live a healthy lifestyle. Sleep early (oops it's 1am now), Eat more veggie and cut down on salty food. and DRINK MORE WATER. Oh well, the 3rd one seems to be the hardest thing to achieve and I don't know why. and also, time to say goodbye to my daily dose of Teh C bing :(

Yeap yeap, writing this to you guys as well!! Take care of your health before it's too late! and don't let the people who love you worry about you. 

Here's some images and website I found about healthy lifestyle, might as well share it here:

Some links that talk about tips for healthy lifestyle, most of them are for teenagers haha (Sue me, I still wanna live like a teenager.)

I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but now I truly think, being healthy on the inside is the only way to make you feel good and look good on the outside. This may be the key to all my problems. Let's hope I can stick to my promise heh!

Anyways, it's January again TT.TT and time to go back to the island soon. TT.TT
How time flies TT.TT
Holidays gone just like that. Will miss going out with daddy mommy. They always try to spend time with me, and whenever I wanna eat something they'll bring me there. Sorry if your bill spiked up this month haha...Gonna update here, some photos with the King and Queen and also Christmas shots at different malls! I guess this is the first holiday for me to visit so many shopping malls and their Christmas Deco.
well Prince Chow Chow seldom goes out with us and don't really like taking photos, so yeap as usual, our bonding time is in front of the television and singing kpop songs.

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