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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Fuddruckers @ Lot 10 Bukit Bintang

Out with the lady for some super full lunch!
Dined in Fuddruckers @ Lot10 thanks to a groupon voucher. 
It originated from the US with its specialty in Hamburgers. 
The hamburgers are priced by the weight of the patties. 
My thoughts, the food is just okay...and definitely not worth the price. I'm not saying it's totally bad, but just there's no shining point about the food. Well maybe I didn't order the right thing. You can visit this place for a try if you fancy hamburgers with thick patties and loads of toppings. 

The Works (1/3 lb) -- RM34.90
Was expecting something mindblowing since their specialty is burger. But turns out, it's okay. Beef patty slightly too dry and hard to chew (we asked for medium). Seasoning, too healthy LOL can't taste much pepper or salt.

California Chicken Wrap -- RM19.90
This is one is also not bad, love the chicken filling. Sweet and sour and slightly spicy with flavors from bell pepper. Together with the crunchy tortilla wrap, it's quite a burst of textures. 

Mozarella Cheese Sticks -- RM18.90
This is sinfully yummy! But really can't eat without feeling guilty. I thought it's breadsticks wrapped with cheese but it's the opposite!! Idiot me didn't read the menu properly haha. 
The Mozerella sticks are mildly salty, and carries a super delicious cheesy aroma. When you bite through it's crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and as you chew, the flavor from the cheese will slowly fill your mouth. It's nice really! I actually don't feel "jelak" but we couldn't finish afterall, coz it's just too much cheese for us take-in in a day. 

Yeap, just one block of cheese...

All Berries and Mango Smoothy -- RM19.90 each

There's a salad bar where you can choose from a range of fresh greens, coleslaw, potato salad and etc

Love the location though. 
It has the classic US diner interior. 
Very spacious and the seats offer a view of the Jalan Imbi street. 

Fuddruckers @ Lot10
R1 & R2, Annexe Block,
Lot 10 Shopping Mall, 
Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur

Lunch Date 
Thanks for letting me stay over and also teman me to go pasar malam in Sg Long to have my stinky tofu heheheh...

Food Hunt at Pasar Malam Sg Long woohoo
Cheap and nice DimSum, Super aromatic and chewy Grilled Sotong
Grilled Pork Belly Slice, My awesome and beloved Stinky Tofu, the special Bonsai Icecream

Get to meet up with the ex-housemate as well before he graduate from UTAR!
enjoyed our blow-water and gossiping session at my fave mamak spot during my utar days, Station 2 LOL

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