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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 13 Delicious Food in PJ and KL

Don't be surprised if you see I had grown sideways haha...
This holiday is just too awesome!
I think it's my first time eating so many of my favorite food within such a short time...
will just make a list here!!

1. Nasi Kandar at Kayu Nasi Kandar
Mutton Curry Nasi Kandar, Roti Tissue, Roti Kosong......I think I only tried 5% of their menu.

2. Maggie Goreng at Sohbana@Kg, Kayu Ara
Why I love this place? Cheapest and most kampung-ish mamak right in the middle of all the urban buildings. It's amazing you can hear all the noisy motorbike sounds and smoke flying in the air haha.

3. Rojak at Old Market Square Cafe
Beautiful Building, Local Must-Eat Food.

4. Bak Kut Teh at Chao Sheng
With the raining season, BKT is all you need.

5. Chinese Dishes "Dai Chao" at New Peng Wah 新槟华
The Potato and Lala Soup rocks!!

6. Vegetarian Cuisine at Soong Foong Inn 松风小馆
Never miss the crunchy and addictive Buttercream Mushroom!

8. Satay Ara Madura Saleha at Kayu Ara
Satay Kambing in dark sauce instead of your usual peanut sauce. Delicious.

9. Pan Mee at Face to Face 面对面
Love their signature panmee here. Must eat with the sambal they provide!

10. Ramli Burger at Mayang Jaya
Daging special with overloaded mayonnaise and chili sauce is the favorite.

11. Takoyaki at AEON 1 Utama
Not exactly local food, but I miss this coz they have crunchy veggies inside unlike the ones I had in SG.

12. Donuts at Big Apple and Krispy Kreme
Say Cheese from Big Apple.
Original Glazed from Krispy Kreme
Thumbs up!

13. Dimsum at Jin Xuan 锦选
The new found favorites, LaoShaPau 流沙包 and ShengJianPau 生煎包

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