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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

14 degrees in Genting

Came back from Genting
well it wasn't that fun compared to the previous visits
due to the super wet weather
no mater how, it was a precious trip with my lovely family....

My Cousins came on Thursday
We exchanged our X'mas Presents
and Sang K in my house... haha
Began our trip on the next day......

Subject : Genting Trip
Date : 18th till 20th of December
Weather : Wet without Sun

Day 1 :
Reached Gohtong Jaya @ 4.00 pm

Drinking some Dragon Fruit Enzyme which tasted like wine...
Hi Tea + Dinner @ 虾皇 Restaurant, Gohtong Jaya
Rating : 3 Stars

Reached First World Hotel @ 5.00pm
@ The WorldCard Check In Counter
which you don't need to get numbers and wait for check in =)

@ The Uber Long Lobby of First World Hotel

It turns out that we have 2 Deluxe Rooms
With that small little space in that room,
How in the world are we gonna squeeze 6 person in a room??

So... The Solution
We asked for another larger room...
All the ladies including myself moved from this Deluxe Room

to The Superior Deluxe Room
The SUPERIOR word changes things tremendously!!
i felt like staying there forever!!

Ate some Cup Noodles in the room
and came out at night for sight seeing around the hotels =)
@ First World Plaza

Heading to StarBucks Coffee for our Coffee Break!!!
Rating : 5 stars!!
Thank You Ms. Yenting for the drinks!!

The Little pig Joseph with the Large Mocha Frappuccino

Taking a sip of X'mas Mocha Praline
and a free MYC in my arm....

Jalan-jalan along the hotels...

@ Genting Hotel

Foggy Night
@ The Carpark outside Genting Hotel

@ Highlands Hotel

Cam-whore a bit since the escalators are Freaking Long....

Are we in London??

Day 2
Breakfast @ 1 Meter Teh, First World Hotel
Rating : 3 stars

2 Boiled Eggs, 2 slice of toast and a Cup of Teh Tarik
The 3.90++ breakfast in Old Town White Coffee
costs RM12++ in this place

@ 9.00 am
Time for The Themeparks
That's how your hair looks like when you are in
a Teacup

@ Pirate Train

@ Pirate Ship

Our Lunch... McD!!
Rating : 5 stars... haha

@ Mini Train

@ Ferris Wheel

@ Dinosaur Land

It was raining for a minute then it stopped at the next
and then it rained again
The whole themepark was totally blur
as if it was coated by fog
we were freezing

so Vince, Zack and me went into First World Plaza @ 3.00 pm
and we went to the snooker centre for a game
and damn it
we sucked in snooker
and all the people around us are huge guys that looked abit like samseng =)
they kept staring at us as if we came from Pandora
and then we realized
we actually went to the wrong table
thanks to the stupid cashier that didn't tell us which table number to go
so yea....
bad experience
never go to the snooker center above Funtasy World !!!

Then went to the arcade and played our favourite game
The BasketBall Machine =)

Some hot guy in the Diablo Competition

Dinner @ HaiNan Kitchen, First World Plaza
Rating : 2.5 stars

My Grandparents

Tired and Tired.....
Mahjong-ed and
Watched Star Live Concert from our TV

Day 3
No joke.... The Natural Source of Air-Cond


Dim Sum Breakfast
@ Good Friends Restaurant, Highlands Hotel
Rating : 3.5 stars

First World's Candy Shop
@ First World Lobby

Can u imagine how cold it was??
Can conteng from the inside summore

Went to Awana Resort after Checking Out
Our Mini Lunch @ the Terrace

Nothing better than having a Teh Tarik and Nasi Lemak
@ Awana Genting
Rating : 5 stars
The rice has a really nice fragrance, the texture is good plus the sambal is like moderately spicy, but still delicious.

Time for our fave activity in Awana
Pool which is so much better than Snooker
(and we are so much PRO-er)
@ the Lobby Lounge
they charge RM3 per game, which is same as 1u's price =)

Then Uncle sent me home...

Adios... Genting

Conclusion : Never go to Genting in December before checking the weather report
Bring winter jacket if u r goin in Dec.
and never go to that stupid Snooker Centre!!!!!!!!!!

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