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Thursday, December 03, 2009

I'm buying books for no reason.......

Went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Amcorp mall yesterday nite
I haven't been to Amcorp mall for more than a year i guess
but i thought that place was better than last time
More boutiques and nice place to have supper or minum kopi or yumcha
anyways, went to the sale coz they were selling books at 5 bucks each
it was the last day of their they were trying to clear up stock
so at first i didn't really wanna buy coz i din see anything I wanted
and i left the place with my mom to jalan-jalan around the mall
then my dad called me

Dad: Ooi, U don't wanna get some books arr??
Me : Not really, too much of them and I didn't find anything I wanted
Lots of Novels wor.....
It's okay la, I don't want....
Just come and get some la. It's 5 bucks only, You can Throw IT Away If you Don't Like....

I was pretty shock to hear my dad say that
coz he's the don't-waste-your-money-for-no-reason type of man
so i went up again
I grabbed six books without looking at the titles
and then I realize 3 of them are Vampire-related books
OMG, I'm pretty sick of Vampire tales edi
I've read The Twilight Saga(which is the best)
then I simply read through Marked from House of Night from my comp
and then I just started to read City of Bones of The 3 Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (which I planned to buy the book)
I know there is this Vampire Diaries series.....
Vampire tales are everywhere!!
Just like what my father said,
I plan to ignore them forever if I find the first chapter boring
but I think it's still pretty worth it,
I bought 6 books with the normal price of 1 book
I'm sure there will be at least one interesting book...

From Top:
Lord John and The Hand of Devils by Diana Gabaldon
Nancy Culpepper by Bobbie Ann Mason
20 Fragments of A Ravenous Youth by XiaoLu Guo
The Darkness by L.A Banks
Undercover Tai Tai by Maya O Calica
Undead on Arrival by L.A Banks

I'm seriously buying books for no reason....


  1. OMG I wish I'd been there! T__T
    A person can never have enough books, that's one of my mottos. :P
    I love The Mortal Instruments series, but I'm really angry that they didn't produce a UK cover for City of Glass. >_< I seriously dislike the cover with a guy's body on it, lol


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