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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The so call M'sia's Little England..... Fraser's Hill

Went to Fraser's Hill
we were suppose to come back on Sunday
but we returned on Saturday
due to various reasons :
1. The Apartment we stayed, Silver Park Resort was kinda bad...
- No Hot Water
- Super Cold at night
- No 8tv and Ntv7, let alone ASTRO
- That whole place was pretty much out of maintainance

2. Nothing to eat
Unlike Cameron and Genting Highlands
they have very few restaurants only
and most of them were serving Malay food
not that we're racist or something
it's just that we were used to Chinese Food
and the only chinese restaurant which we had our dinner on the first day served really bad food
as in, not delicious at all.....
they just simply cook for you
the only good thing we ate was the fried rice and fried noodles from the kopitiam

3. Nothing much to see
A few years back when we visited this place
that place was like a little heaven for us
just like their tag line , "Fraser's Hill, Heaven of Tranquility."
yes, we love that place coz it's not packed with people
but we can still hang out with other people at the town centre at night
the garden in front of the sports complex used to have a lot of stalls selling gifts and snacks
got steamboat restaurant summore....
and the place will be very light up at night
you'll enjoy even if you were just sitting there
and if you went there at the bird watching season or some star gazing season
you can even join them
there were so much fun back then
But this time,
nothing was happening.....
the town centre was quiet, empty and dark....

What we did was jalan-jalan and take photos along the way

Afternoon Hi-Tea
@ The new Piccadilly Cafe

The best thing about this cafe is their Teh Tarik...
Syok weih!!!

@The Pine Resort
I suddenly can't remember what is this called...
The Carnivorous Plant??

Sunflowers that grew taller than me....

Evening Twilight
The colors inspired me an eyeshadow make-up =)

My super pro brother taking photos...

Snapped by myself......

Went to the Beautiful Shahzan Inn at night....

Chilled Out @ the fireplace

Back to the Apartment

The whole lot of Magazines and Books we brought to read
since we can't watch 8TV

2nd Day, A Foggy morning but Full of Sunshine!!
and It didn't rain as well!!
1. The Town Centre
2. Allan's Water, A lake for morning walk and also boating
3. The Smoke House, A Vintage and a-bit-creepy Guest House
4. All the English Style bungalows, which are mostly vacant and look damn creepy
5. The Paddock, provides recreational activities like Archery and Horseback Riding

Foggy but Bright Morning

The Renovated Puncak Inn
This place was on my Haunted-Hotels List
after the first time i visited it...
but now it looked pretty much better...
but dunno how's the inside....

@ The famous Clock Tower
To my surprise, the clock was working!!

@ The Beautiful Garden Square
the now empty Sports Centre is right behind

The Police Station

Super Unique Post Office....

Gift Shop

The Golf Course

A Hailam Kopitiam with English Exterior....

Happy Family =)

Hang On! I'm Bueno-ing!!

Bye Bye Fraser's Hill

Though this place is turning boring
but I'll still visit again if they have more restaurants
just to calm my mind, have some peace
and enjoy the cool breeze(much colder than Camerons and Genting)...
reading books and watching TV all day in the hotel is definitely not boring at all!!!
If u plan to visit there,
Stay at Shahzan Inn
that place has hot water shower
better hotel facilities like game room, souvenir shop, maybank, and a very nice lounge
their lobby and rooms looked so much better and more welcoming
their hotel staffs are really nice and provides good service
and the most important thing.....
They have ASTRO and Wi-Fi!!!!!!

how did I know so much??
that's bcoz my mom planned to stay in this hotel at the 2nd nite before she decided to go home...

we still had fun!!


  1. nice.. i've never been to fraser's hill for quite some time edy.. =)

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