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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Shop in Etude House for Perfect Christmas Gifts!!

Oh God, I had another bag of Etude House stuff again
went to 1u yesterday and visited Fiona
bought these goodies at the Etude House Promotion Counter
at the 1st floor Promenade Area (Near Watsons)
The promotion ends at 13th of Dec
And OMG, The things are freaking cheap...
but I'm seriously broke these days
didn't buy much...
They have all sorts of Gift Sets
which are cheap, pretty and functional!!!
argh.....I wanna buy I wanna buy!!!!

Catch of The Day..

O2 White Mask Sheet
5pcs @ RM12
so worth it!!!!
Can give it to my family as Christmas present summore!!

BB Magic Mist
@ half price
now RM 13.45
A mist that sets make-up and gives moisture...
I was told that All the Magic BB series products are at Half Price
The best selling BB Balm and BB Mousse were all sold out...
felt like stabbing myself coz i bought the BB cream for 40 bucks back then....

Aqua Sherbet Skin Care Deluxe Kit
@ RM15
Complete with
A.Sherbet Skin Toner
A.Sherbet Lotion
A.Sherbet Gel Cream
A.Sherbet Serum

Moistfull Skincare Travel Kit
@ RM 15
Moistfull Toner
Moistfull Lotion
Moistfull Cream
Moistfull Peeling Wash (removes dead skin cell)

The travel kits are 15 bucks each, RM25 for 2 sets.

The free gifts...
Posters of the Hot and Gorgeous Lee Min Ho
Moistfull Collagen Essence in Base and Essence in Foundation
and a Moistful Collagen Cream

Went to MPH and bought FACES Magazine
and they gave me this Etude House's Moistfull Collagen Special Kit free
It's for the first 30 customers...
Unbelievable, It's already the 6th day of December but not even 30 ppl bought the magazine??
The magazine is more for young adults
they tell u all the happenings is the town and all the clubbing spots....
They have Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover this month
and also events and shopping deals for this Christmas...
U pay RM5.90 for a pretty cool magazine and a brand new special kit??
It's a Steal!!

Moistfull Collagen Special Kit
It's the latest autumn-winter collection from Etude House
Moistfull Collagen Facial Freshener
Moistfull Collagen Emulsion
Moistfull Collagen Essence
Moistfull Collagen Cream
I found out that I can sell this special kit for 8 USD on eBay....

Now I have 3 special kits to try on...
but I'll probably save one for myself and give the other two away as Christmas presents...

Go to Etude House's Promotion Counter for more gift ideas
Gift sets include :
1. Moistfull Collagen Gift Set RM 159.90
a. Essence in Primer (
b. Essence in Foundation
c. Essence in Pact
- all in full size

2. Petit Bijou Gift Set - Body care for sensitive skin, Has a Baby Cream sense in it... RM 89.90
a. Intensive Body Care Cream
b. Soft Body Wash
c. Moisture Body Lotion
- all in full size

3. Beauty Sweet Appleade Body Care Set RM 49.90
a. Body Wash
b. Body Lotion
c. Foot Spray
- all in full size

4. Beauty Cosmetic Set A RM69.90
a. BB Magic Cream
b. Moonlight Shimmer Blusher
c. Petit Darling Lip
d. Eye Glow Pencil

5. Beauty Cosmetic Set B RM 69.90
a. BB Magic Cream
b. Petit Darling Eyes in 3 colors
c. Oh M'Eye Liner
d. Vitcar Mascara

6. Beauty Nail Set RM 39.90
a. Dear Darling Nail Color in 2 Shades
b. Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Mask
c. Nail Art Stickers
d. Deco Stone
e. High Glossy 2-way Buffer

and much much more!!! Visit in store or the promotion counter for more details!!

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