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Friday, December 11, 2009

Pack Pack pack My Bags.......Pack for the Weekend trip!!

When you are the only person in the house during the day
u are the one to do the preparations.......
Yay!! I'm going to a Weekend Trip
in Fraser Hill with My Lovely Family
You might be asking "what the hell could you do in that place??"
yea, that place is damn boring,
no theme parks, no strawberry farms, no KFC summore
so this trip will be kinda art-sy
coz we're gonna take pictures and read books and all
just to calm our senses..... =)
anyways.....since i have nothing to blog bout
here are some stuffs i did today.....

Have to find all the luggage bags for my family.

In the Bag
From December's Issue of Seventeen Magazine.

Hehe.... My Own Version....

Actually there's a lot more in my bag....
I'm surprised that I can actually stuff my umbrella in...

Transfer from THIS
Why are they all in blue??

To This =)

Maximum Capacity Reached!!

Packed some Books and Magazines for Reading...

And I just finished loading my phone with new songs....

and I'm done, Have to sleep now!!

I'll be back on Sunday!!!

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