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Friday, December 25, 2009

Window Shopping, Bar.B.Q Plaza and Storm Warriors..

Went to 1u on Wed with Fiona.....
It was pretty cool coz we were window shopping....
and I was pretty surprise I spent 20 bucks only(excluding my mom's gift),

Before going to 1u I had Chinese Society Meeting in McD
Left there at 12.30pm and reach 1u at 1.00 pm
so went to Bar.B.Q Plaza for Lunch =)
It's actually my first time having lunch over there
and OMG it's was so worth it

We ordered 2 Lunch Set
1 Beef Lunch Express Set
1 Pork Lunch Express Set
Both RM11.90 ++
and both platter has Chicken, Fish, and Squid Cutlets
and they gave lotza veggie =)
got tofu, udon noodle and garlic rice summore....
and and and....Green Tea Drink
all my favorites....
Having Lunch over there is definitely more worth it!!
and so we ate for more than an hour
my belly was fully stuffed!!!!
and I really didn't care about my weight anymore =)


Movie in GSC :
The Storm Warriors

Window shopping after the movie
and we tagged down lotza stuff to buy
that made a super long list

Something I Noticed....
The Number 9@ Night
My Cousins from Johor came for a visit
It's been so long since the last time I saw them
and we had our "The Choong Family's Fave Activity"
Sing K
and I really sucked compared to my cousins..... OMG
they were so GOOD
All of us have the "singing genes in our blood"
I meant ALL!!
I really hope one of them will be some superstar....haha

Movie Review
The Storm Warriors

Okay, after watching it...
I was disappointed....
I mean really...
my brother warned me about it before watching it
yea....I thought the movie was a bit boring,
coz there were all fighting scenes only
the storyline seems very flat
It was just about good guys killing bad guys
The First Movie was much more interesting
more complexity,
competition, love, friendship, justice and vengeance
and actually thought that the drama series was better than the movie

but this is a HUGE Credit I wanna give
To the screen production team
The Graphics were amazing and fascinating
super hyper duper "yeng"
like living comic...
looks abit like 300 though
the colors, setting, overall appearance
OMG.....Super awesome
I can't imagine the actors were actually acting in front of a green screen....
and the casting of the movie was very good
All the characters are very yeng
but Aaron Kwok looked a bit aged
and Ekin Cheng still looked the same as before
All the heroes and villain characters rocks!!
Nicholas Tse is so handsome and hot =)

I thought it was still worth it la
This movie is definitely all about the graphics
and they were awesome and breathtaking
Rating : 7/10

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