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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Korean Pop Night Concert In Singapore

Oh My Gee.....
They are coming to Singapore for The Korean Pop Night Concert
It's near....but yet so far
This will 100% be a must-go event for al the K-Pop fans in S.E.A
they invited the best of the best korean artists like SNSD, BigBang, Shinee, FT Island
I don't really know Infinite and D-Na but I guess they aren't bad too!!!

The question mark is actually D-Na which was announce later...
Oh My this is so so cool!!
The Concert will be held on the 23rd of October 2010
organized by Proof Label
The venue is not announced yet...
There's rumors about the VIP ticket price at 298 S$ 
Are you serious? That is kinda cheap, I mean normally these K-Pop concert tickets will be bloody pricey wan...
This concert is definitely worth it, probably better than MTV World Stage!
OMG i really wanna go....can anyone buy the tix for me?? *starts dreaming*

Anyways Join their Official FaceBook page for more Details

Wa I'm very in Love with CN Blue and SNSD these days
probably because after watching YongHwa and SeoHyun's We Got Married
Super Love Them now!!!!
 and OMG Yuri can really really rap!!!!
Always my fave!!

YongSeo's Performance of Run Devil Run and Lovelight
I love their chorus of RDR, so yeng, with the rock and roll edge in it!
And OMG I love how Yonghwa look at SeoHyun when they sing LoveLight
I bet YongHwa is feeling very happy in his heart that Seohyun is singing his song!
OhMyGosh they are so so sweet
I know they might not be as couple-ish as Adam and Khuntoria
but they are just really sweet
Well rumor has it that Adam and Khuntoria chose their partner before the show
that's why both couples are so in love
But for YongSeo they don't know each other at all
so basically they are going through the valentine's stage now
not the marriage phase yet
If you watch from the 1st episode, they started really awkward with each other and as time goes by, they got closer and sweeter to each's just so natural to me <3
Now, though you can't see them hold hands or hug each other but you can see they are always caring for each other and always trying to make each other's just sooooo Natural!!
and both of them are so talented in music
that's why people invited them to perform together!!
OhMy i really love them!!
Sweet Potato Couple rocks!!

But Adam and Khuntoria rocks too!!

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