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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 English, 1 Chinese and 1 Korean song that you should listen now!

Other than being constantly in the B2ST craze, I do have a life. Another music life...

Here are the 3 songs that I strongly recommend!!
You'll love it!

Love the Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna
Best Eng song I've heard in this year!
Perfect combination. Love the melody of the song. It had some really strong power. And I don't know what's wrong with me, whenever Rihanna sings "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn", I felt like crying. I know the lyrics are kinda "off" in some parts but still the overall meaning was really really "effing" true. Really impressed with this song. Eminem is awesome and Rihanna's voice is filled with strong feelings. I sensed the complicated tone of the song... LOVE THEM
and omg this MV has Megan Fox!!!!!!
Love the MV too! The colors, story, photography....all so awesome!

A Chinese song that I really really really love!
宽恕 by 神木与瞳 a.k.a Y2J
The song's out for a few months edi but still, I love it and this song topped most of the Chinese Radio Station Music Charts.The melody is super touching. I cried after listening to it for the first time. The lyrics are pretty cool too, but it took me 3 times of listening to fully understand the whole meaning of the song. It's about mistakes, forgiveness and helplessness in a relationship. But the idea of song was very clear at the chorus.
The mv is visually awesome. It doesn't have a story but the setting of the mv is really really mesmerizing. lol!
Apparently Yuming wasn't allowed to film the MV by his company bcoz he didn't manage to put down weight.Awh so sad. But I thought he had always been chubby. Why make him lose all the chubby-ness??

Next, Korean song lol!
I'll back of so you can live by G.Na
well at first I watched the mv of the song bcoz I was stalking B2ST videos. DooJoon starred in the mv and JunHyung's rap was featured in the song. Yes my recent life is full of B2ST =) Yea so I listened to the song and immediately fell in love with it. This girl has super powerful vocals, sound abit like BOA in a way but with a more mature edge. The lyrics are kinda normal, but still touching in a way, talking about a girl's feeling when her guy left her. Anyways the MV is really sweet and kinda heartbreaking at the same time. DooJoon is super super cute and hot in this mv, unlike his usual Joker image. His tear at the end of the video was so sad...Yea I think this mv must've made a lot of Beauties (Special Name for B2ST's fans) jealous over the whole night. 
G.Na is a newbie that should be supported. She's super awesome! and OMG she's bloody hot. Watch the following MV!!!!

It's 2PM's 10 points out of 10 points.
And note that super hot, sexy and makes-all-the-guys'-nose-bleed lady?
She's G.Na!!!!
I can't believe it. The first time I watch this mv, where I didn't know she's a singer. I thought she's a 101% dumb blonde model. I mean she's just TOO HOT! I bet the 2PM boys must be overwhelmed by her body when they were shooting the MV LOL! But after I know she can sing so well. ORZ.... 101% ORZ. Super impressed. I'm very sure she's gonna be BIG soon!!!

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