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Thursday, August 05, 2010

ABRSM Piano Exam.....A 400 bucks Disaster

Short Post :
Took my Grade 7 Piano Exam to day at PJ Hilton Hotel
I was super nervous and I knew that I wont do well
but at least not do worse!
It turns out that I played 100 times worse than my usual practice
and I feel like 400 bucks just flew away for no reason....
I'm really down now...
I dunno what I'm gonna do when I receive the results
Piano Exams are such a pain....
I learned piano for the past 10 years just for these awfully expensive exams....
Guess I should thank my mother for giving me this oppurtunity, but still
Now I feel like I'm paying 300 bucks per month for this exam
and do the math, 285 bucks * 12 (lesson fee) + 400 bucks (exam fee)

BLOODY, I SPENT RM3820 for a certificate....
no wait, not a certificate, there actually nothing left since I'm gonna fail....

Sorry Daddy Mommy
Thanks for supporting me so much
I promise I'll play more songs (including your ancient karaoke songs) for you guys =)

Mirror shot @ Hilton Hotal's Lobby =)

The waiting room, I was watching baseball on ESPN while waiting!  LOL!

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