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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puay Chai Campfire Backstage

Photos Photos Photos!!!!
From PuayChai's Campfire
well I must say that night was surprisingly fun...
Maybe it's our first campfire after a 3 yrs lapse, we were surprised by how hyper the crowd was...
The cool thing about the crowd is that there was a combination of Primary school kids and teenagers like us... All the little boy scouts and little girl guides are soooooo cute and they were very very supportive!!
Thanks to PuayChai who made all this happen!

Anyways Good Job! to the committee members of campfire!
The Openeing was really cool and the whole Lord Baden Powell's Sketch thing was very fun.
Danced for the opening and OMG before the music started
I was very nervous and the crowd was SHOUTING "Leng Lui" all the way which was so BLOODY ANNOYING and SCARY TO ME. I seriously didn't know the how hyped the audience are....At that moment, I really didn't know whether I should laugh or cry LOL
But it was a awesome experience afterall =)

Then we taught the audience how to dance Waka-Waka and played the Campfire-Must-Have Games like Nightwalk and Love/FRIENDSHIP Tunnel...
Then went back to the class (a.k.a preparation room) to I don't know what's going after the games until our last dance...
Then practiced for our Pink Panther Dance LOL!

After our closing act, went back to the classroom and started camwhoring LOL!

The Dance Team
Only Sook and WeiNian didn't take their partner shot.....eeesh

Our Uber Pretty Bday Girl!!!!
(FYI : she looks 100 times better in person!)

Jessie : You Bimbo People!!

Despite the fever, i was feeling really good that night. Probably the hot-ness was all radiated during the dance LOL!! Really Thank God that there's campfire from our school in my last year of high school. 

To my dance partners, you guys were AWESOME!! There was so much fun working with you guys. Really hope that we can gather again and do more HOT MOVES together!
Scouts campfire committee, don't give up!! Keep up the good work! and if you guys don't mind, work with the Guides too kay?

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