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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Starbucks have the lamest story for you at Facebook!!!!

Just came back from Sunway University College after submitting my A-levels Scholarship Form
My dad thought I would take a long time so he went to get a parking but actually I was already done before her got out of the car. Then it turned out that we have to pay the parking ticket at the Autopay Station.

Bloody Hell, it costs 2 bucks!!! What the hell? don't you have Grace Period or something?? LOL

Anyways, there's nothing much for today
so I would just share this lame story from Starbucks :

The Starbucks Coffee Jelly Summer Adventure :

I joined the Starbucks Malaysia page and then I saw this Promo thingy for the New Coffee Jelly. So i thought they are having some test-drinking session like last time. So I clicked and they asked questions like :

Where's your fave place in Malaysia?

What's your 2 best friend's name?
Fiona, Sook Ven

Where's your Favourite Starbucks Store
SS2 (I wanted to answer 1u but it's not there)

Which is your fave drink?

What's your fave number?

there's more but i forgot...

anyways the next thing I was looking at was the lamest story I've ever read LOL!!!

I do hope that I could clear a line with that way! OMG I really want Starbucks now. Fiona and Sook, where are you?? Let's go Starbucks together!!!

Anyways, like Starbucks Malaysia!!!

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