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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Nothing is More Important Than Our Friendship.....

So what if we lost?
The same old sentence again : We won friendship.....LOL!!
yes soccerthon is over and sadly this year 5BR's luck is very much out of stock....

Before friday, I thought soccerthon is totally a pointless project to me
and I think they are crazy to insist every student to get at least 50 bucks...
But at least our class sent 2 teams for futsal match
and now I think The Brilliants Bond is getting stronger!! (Move away Ionic Bond!!)

The SpongeBob and Squarepants team!!!

My bro asked why not use BTB? Bukan Team Biasa (from Gol dan Gincu)

anyways...yea the guys and the girls ended their journey in soccerthon(sounds like American Idol) at the 1st and 2nd round...
It's really not fair that they put the 2 strongest boys team at the 1st match...and honestly, the game is bloody short and it's all about luck status....
But it's okay, at least we TRIED, and we had all OUR JERSEYS STAINED WITH BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS...
There's a greater and stronger meaning now! 

SpongeBob All Boys Team =)

Some shots taken during their match on Friday...
I think it was the best match that I saw among all matches
both teams played with awesome-pro skills and tricks...
instead of using the legs-here-legs-there technique

Love you guys!! <3

I didn't take down any shots during the girls' game, 
just some crazy-poser shots that we took together...LOL

Go Go SquarePants All Girls!!

Hehe our No.1 Fan of SpongeBob Squarepants
Amanda Phuah!!

Speak Orange, Speak BR!!!


Love Nuffnang


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