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Monday, July 02, 2012

Food Journal (May-June) Part 3 - Drinks


1. Share Tea
My fave bubble tea shop from now on...
Not that Chatime is bad, but the drinks here seems to be better than Chatime
well just my opinion though, different shops may have different taste.
But I really love their Rock Salt Cheese Cream drinks larrr, Thumbs up!!

Wenshan Tea topped with Salted Cream Plus Mini Pearls - RM6.90
Love the salted cream, what I usually do is, I'll take a sip of the cream then a sip of the tea...
Love the Salty-Bitterness...The tea has a very nice scent :D

Classic Pearl Milk Tea and Vanilla Milk Tea - RM5.90 each
The pearl milk tea is sheauwen's all time fave.
For Vanilla Milk Tea, it's like a sweeter version of Pearl Milk Tea
sweet in a good way of course, pretty nice.

WinterMelon Tea topped with Rock Salt Cheese Cream (L) - RM6.90
My fa-fa-favorite...
The wintermelon tea is moderately sweet, u can even ask for reduced sweetness if u want
feels very very the sweet-salty cheese cream...awesome arrr....

Love their mini pearls...soft, chewy...imagine your mouth become full of pearls in just one sip hehe

btw, there's 10% discount for students 
"dai" lerr....

Share Tea @ KL Sentral
Arrival Hall Unit 8
KL Sentral 
Jalan Travers
Kuala Lumpur

Share Tea @ Time Square
Lot 03-110B, 3rd Floor
Berjaya Times Square
1, Jalan Imbi, KL

2. Chatime
a REvisit

TieGuanYin Latte - RM5.90
well I seldom go to Chatime nowadays, not because I found Share Tea
I still love their drinks's just that the QUEUE! homg...especially the one at ou
so yea went TS's Chatime (on a weekday) and grabbed the now-my-fave TieGuanYin Latte
I must say this one is really nice and special...
I love milky taste but sometimes milk tea can be abit too...heavy
then I found this, perfect the bitter-ish tea and smooth creamy milk taste :D
btw, I still love the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea :D

For list of outlets

3. Each A Cup

Green Tea Pingo 绿茶奶盖- RM5.90
Sorry this photo abit LQ
anyways this is from Each A Cup
one of my fave Bubble Tea shop when Chatime haven't come into scene yet.
I use to love their flavored milk tea a lot.
anyways, I passed by their stall that day and decided to give it a try again
What I'm impressed with is that they use one tea bag for one cup of drink, no re-use
yes the tea was made instantly using fresh and new tea bags
I doubt other bubble tea do so, they probably prepared the tea beforehand
oh this green tea is actually not bad, love the foam on top
green tea scent is very strong, not too sweet, just nice.

Each a Cup @ 1 Utama

4. Starbucks Happy Hour :
Just realize I've been to starbucks frequently these days...
happy hour, to study
yea saved my money just to seat in starbucks for 5 hours a day to study lol
but really, I find 1u oldwing's starbucks a very quiet place to study, (FYI i cant study at home)
ss2's starbucks too, I was stunned that day when I realize there were more than 2 people who were revising Edexcel's Maths, just like me LOL
anyways here's some random shots haha

Green Tea Frap - refreshing

Java Chip and Cookie Crumble

Stack'em lol, We love games.

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Hot Chocolate

Signature Hot Chocolate - Thumbs Up!

Iced Caramel Macchiato - This is good!!

The favorite - Iced Mocha
with whipped cream, hehe....i know, fattening :D
Love the rich chocolate-bitter taste

Gonna say bye bye to starbucks for now...

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