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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Food Journal (May-June) - Part 5 Western

1. Organice Recipe's Vegetarian Western Food
I've written reviews about their Chinese Dishes before, and just like the chinese dish, the western dishes were awesome too! This restaurant really has its standards....the food were consistently good!

 Carbonara Mushrrom Spaghetti - RM17
I dont exactly know what kind of cheese they use, but the cheese scent is just so so nice!!
It goes well with the mushrooms, the mushrooms were crunchy and juicy, yes juicy. The spaghetti, well cooked, nice texture. Even the salad on the side is nice, crunchy lettuce with honey drizzled over. 

This is also my fave
Wedges - RM10
trust me the wedges is like....BEST
I know KFC got good wedges but this one...super crunchy and I think they use fresh potatoes. the wedges have a sweet starchy flavor of potatoes. Well it cost 2 times the price of KFC cheesy wedges, but it's really worth it and look at how big the portion is! 

Organic Recipe
B3-07-09, Casa Utama,
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama,
PJU 6A, 47400 PJ

Next, a restaurant that I hadn't visit for ages 
2. The Ship @ Damansara Utama
one of the reasons we didn't really visit throughout these years is because there were many people saying that their food quality is getting worse
plus my family is not very much a big fan of western food, so we seldom go there.
But my brother loves western food, and it was his birthday...
we were scratching our heads whether to go back to this place or not, or find another place
My dad had faith in them and decided to give it another try...

sadly, they did not prove us wrong...

Seafood Chowder and Garlic Bread
My fave for the day
The soup still taste awesome!
Full of seafood flavors, from squid prawns mussles
You know all these have a sweetness and it matches the sweet-sour tomato taste
and the spring onions on top  

Cheese Baked Fish
I find this one nice but my mom disliked it...yea she's not a fan of cheese or milky stuff
Love the fish and cheese combination but I think the fish seems abit...not so fresh
If they use fresh ones, the sweet taste of fish would have been awesome!

Seafood Platter
with Softshell Crab, Prawn, Fish Fillet, Squid
Soft shell crab and Fish fillet were really good! Crunchy yet juicy...
the prawn is quite nice as it had a very strong garlic scent but abit overcooked...
The squid well, abit disappointing....hard and kinda tasteless 

Fillet Mignon (medium rare) the juiciness, but my gosh, it takes some skills to cut the steak
and err...this is my first time trying mushroom sauce on steak..
the mushroom is totally tasteless!
is it suppose to be that way??
the steak well, the texture...kinda hard to chew...took me quite some time before i swallow it haha

Anyways, I don't know what exactly happened to The Ship.
I remember I loved this place a lot when I was a kid.
Is it because my taste buds changed/mutated?? or the food is really changing...
I'm not saying that it become really really bad, it's just, not as good as before...

However, I still love the place. So cute...the ship cabin interior, Thumbs Up!

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