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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long Time No Eat Dunkin Donuts

There was this time where donuts was the HIT thing
everyone was craving for donuts
usually people mention Big Apple, J Co, and Krispy Kreme
then I will start thinking, what on earth happened to good old Dunkin Donuts LOL

That day, daddy stopped by petrol station to reload Touch N Go
and I saw the long time no see Dunkin Donuts
was thinking of buying one or two, just for breakfast
then when the staff say Buy 5 free 1, *face-light-up* cant resist it, bought 6 donuts LOL

I love the box weih....don't u think it's cute??

I bought 6 different flavors
Blueberry(Left), Apple(Middle), Maple Bar(Right), Oreo, M&M and Choco Nut
Maple Bar taste really good!
Moderately sweet, but remember to microwave the donut, so that it's soft and yummy! 

nothing can go wrong with oreo larr!!

So pretty larr this one!!
I feel like a kid again haha
The glaze is really delicious....

anyways, just wanna help promote Dunkin Donuts, personally, I think Dunkin Donut taste good, it's just that they lack variety in terms of flavors...If you happen to pass by any Dunkin Donuts at the petrol station, do buy one, I'm sure you'll love it. 

go to their website to see the list of Dunkin Donut outlets

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