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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Self Explore : Jalan Sultan's The Hub Cafe Bar + Red Tea Ice Cream

Maybe I'm just way too bored staying at home
whenever I get to go out, I just feel like staying outside longer, eventhough I'm all alone
So one of the best times for me to Jalan-Jalan myself would be the afternoon after my Korean Class...
for that day, I wanted to buy some thread for my cross stitch and therefore went to Macy's at Jalan Sultan
walked around Petaling Street at the same time...

Don't know why, I just enjoy the feeling of walking by myself and seeing things around...
I forgot where exactly Macy is, in fact I thought it was at petaling street, so yea just simply walk walk and walk, round and round, salah jalan then turn back LOL Like the feeling of getting lost and just keep on walking...and then snap down some photos along the way

when I walk by these buildings, I smell something lol, nostalgic scent haha
I hope u know what I'm saying....
It's just....很有味道
yeap that time, my inner shouting comes again...."I love malaysia!!" hehe

Anyways, it was 2.30pm and yes it was so freaking damn hot
Wanted to look for a nice and cozy place to cool myself
saw this small Cafe at 5 Elements Hotel

to be honest, I regret abit after I saw down and look through the menu
basically, there's nothing that I wanna eat on the menu and it's quite expensive
yeap, I shud've expected it, coz it belongs to a hotel...
but since the place is quite cool so i decided to order something light..

Spring Rolls - RM5
took them really long to serve this
luckily it turn out well 
very crunchy and the veggie inside taste good!
Taste well without the mayonaise 
actually quite filling despite there's only 6 small rolls
Nice presentation btw

 Iced White Coffee - RM5
Refreshing...syok ahhh

I just like the feeling of drinking while looking around, look at the people passing by, there's tourist, school kids, aunty and uncles haha
That's the reason I chose this Cafe, good location hehe
in fact it was quite well decorated, with pretty lanterns and green plants

The Hub Cafe Bar
@ 5 Elements Hotel
Lot 243, Jalan Sultan (China Town), 
Kuala Lumpur

Rest for a while and continued walking around Jalan Sultan
saw a Nostalgic tea shop selling Red Tea Ice cream
*face light up* The weather was so hot, ice cream is life saving!
Btw, the shop is called Cha No Yu Tea Art

Red Tea Ice Cream - RM2.50 
yummy!!! so unique...
is like... Pearl Milk Tea Ice Cream, frozen Milk Tea, yes, frozen Chatime
really love the strong tea scent...

Cha No Yu Tea Art
No. 61, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Continue to jalan jalan while eating ice cream...yum yum
here's some shots that I manage to take

 I really did enjoy walking around the Jalan Sultan-Petaling St area
really hope to bring my DSLR and visit there again
and I really do hope Jalan Sultan can remain..
all these buildings are treasures larr... why wanna destroy them??

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