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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Food Journal (May-June) - Part 4 Dessert

 weeee sweetie stuff, me like

1. Mille Crepe @ Food Foundry
I remember it was Mother's Day, wanted to go out to have supper at Food Foundry but sadly their crepes were all sold out. mom promised she will buy for us next day, n i kinda doubt she will haha Then the next day, mummy really went to "da bao: crepes for me and my brother....3 crepes "gam dong" ahhhh

 Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Flavor Crepe
each at RM9.00

Basically the strawberry flavor is the best. The other 2 seems very very plain and you dont really wanna eat anymore after the 3rd bite, i think it's because of the sweetness...
Anyways, it's still very yummy, the pancake crepe has a very good texture.
Love the sour-sweet taste of the strawberry crepe.
If I havent try Nadeje, I would have think this is the best.
But honestly, Nadeje is slightly terms of the flavor and cream texture.
Chocolate flavor was too heavy, if you want something with a chocolate taste, go try Nadeje's Praline Lover! (click link to see review) 
since I dont live anywhere near Nadeje, this Food Foundry is a very good place to have crepes :D
Thumbs up.

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.539 E101 38.102
Business hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00pm

2. Tasty One Taiwanese Desserts @ Kota Kemuning
one of the owners of the shop is an old friend of my mother
since my cousins were here too, we went there to have desserts after our dinner
basically it's something similar to snowflakes, sells all kinds of Taiwanese desserts
but this one is definitely home style, all the taroballs are homemade

so sorry people, i couldn't remember the names for all these desserts....

 This one is actually Taufu-fah with Shaved Ice, Taroballs, Sweet Potato Balls and Pearls
pretty nice, the taroballs are not bad
I think I would love it more if they add something sweet, like maybe caramel or some syrup lol
but if u like something healthy, with minimum sweetness, you would like this.

this one lerr....
Purple rice (紫米) and coconut milk with pearls and greenbean
not bad this one...since the purple rice and the toppings are kinda like tasteless, the coconut milk really enhanced their flavor without being too much...really good one.
The purple rice is quite crunchy.

This is Nice!!!
Taiwan's Red Bean Cakes -  台湾红豆饼
Actually there's different fillings other than redbean, there's cream custard, chocolate and pandan. 
All are good seriously!! It's like cake but a bit more...dense and chewy...
the fillings are yummy too
however, the outer layer is abit, just abit greasy...

anyways, it's quite a nice place to try real taiwanese dessert, the owner is actually a Taiwanese! and like i said before, she made all the taroballs, taufu-fah and soy milk herself, so the taste is definitely lighter and more natural. and of course, less sweet...
There's free wi-fi and the environment is really good too, with cute drawings.

go to their fb page to find out more :

Tasty ONE
32-1,Ground Floor,No.8 Business Park2,
Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/BE,
Kota Kemuning,Seksyen 31 
40460 Shah Alam,Selangor. 

3. Tutti Frutti finally I get to try Tutti Frutti
yes I know I'm slow haha...
Thanks to a friend who Belanja-ed me, or else I wouldn't know that Tutti Frutti is so nice...

Taro Flavor with Marshmallows and Cheerios!
Cheerios are awesome...
anyways, it taste like a super yummy Taro Ice cream...
I wouldn't know that it's Yogurt...
The taro taste is so rich, love it :D

2nd visit, went with my was her first time as well.
I wanted Taro flavor again but it wasn't available...saddd
so tried the Raspberry one... 

Cousin's Red Velvet Flavor Yogurt with Kiwi, Cornflakes and Cheerios
this one is pretty amazing, it taste like ice cream cake...nothing yogurt at all LOL
very heavy milky taste... 

On the other hand, my Raspberry flavor taste exactly like Yogurt lol
The cereals kinda tone down the sour-ness...
but it's still cousin call it the "healthy taste"
at the end, we mixed both flavor together and surprisingly, it taste really really's like yogurt cake, good combination! better than anyone of them alone!

Go to their website to find out the list of outlets. 

Tutti Frutti @ 1 Utama
Lot SK8, 2nd Floor, 
1 Utama Shopping Centre, 
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya.

4. Mochi Sweets
well it's a gift from ONECard
never tried it before coz I wasn't really willing to pay 4 bucks for a small lil mochi (yes i very "giam siap")
But i guess it's good since I always see people buying it...

left - Black Sesame, right - Dark Chocolate
it's not bad actually, but a bit over-rated.
It's kinda over-gummy, sticky...hard to chew
but the fillings were good, love the sesame one...
as long as u dont mind the chewing, this mochi is quite okay
I still prefer my Grandma's Peanut Mochi...:D
ahhhh I miss my grandma now...

See the list of Outlets at their FB page

Mochi Sweets @ 1 Utama
Lot GK-102, Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre, 
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 
47800 Petaling Jaya.

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