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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food Journal (may-june) - Dami + Little Taiwan

This post will be about Taiwanese Restaurants...
1. Dami @ Sungai Long
weee my fave place to go whenever I'm in Sg Long to fetch my cousin.
I had reviewed their food before, but I shall do it again coz they actually renovated the shop, yes, Upgraded it..And changed their menu as well..
tried out some new things that weren't in their previous menu

Shihlin Chicken Chop with Plum Powder / 士林鸡排饭
Yummy! The chicken was awesome, crunchy and juicy plus there's plum powder (酸梅粉) on top. Lightly spicy and lightly sour-ish. NICE!
The rice was also well cooked. Really delicious!

One of the main difference after their renovation was their drinks!
well they had all the bubble tea before, but now, they have even more flavors and other types of drinks to choose from. They even set up a bubble tea counter infront of the shop.

Pearl Milk Tea with Molasses / 黑糖撞珍奶
Nice one! So far this is my first time trying this, so I suppose this is the shop's specialty.
Just like other derivatives of milk tea drinks, this one that uses Molasses is really good as well.
Has a very rich sugar taste, but not over-sweet.

Daddy's Fave Drink
Green Milk Tea with Red Bean 红豆抹茶
I loved Chatime's but this one is really good too!!
Especially the redbeans, i'm not a big fan of redbean but I really do like the red beans that they use, it's crunchy and sweet. And they are pretty generous with the amount of red beans. Nice nice!

Genmaicha Green Milk Tea 
also similiar to Chatime's..
Love the Brown Rice flavor and the light scent of green tea.
Thumbs Up!

Dami Taiwanese Restaurant
Jalan Sungai Long 1/4
Bandar Sungai Long,
Kajang, Selangor 43000

2. Little Taiwan - Tea Series
this is really "YumCha"
went to Little Taiwan @ 1 Utama
Decided to try out something special :D
so yea, we had Flower Tea

Sweet Osmanthus Flower - RM8.90
the menu says it's good for the face and also for healthy body
the taste well....Kind of..weird, probably because it's new to me.
Yes the only flowers that I eat are Rose and Chrysanthemum 
so this Osmanthus Flower...well...not so nice haha
But it's still okay afterall, not like you will vomit after the 1st sip
The flower looks pretty though :D

Rose Tea - RM6.90
Basically tasteless
but the scent!! awesome!
I guess that's why people use flowers for perfume instead of food lol
anyways, the scent alone is really good, smelling it makes me full i dunno why.

Little Taiwan
Lot LG 325 & 326, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 PJ Selangor.

Go to this website to see other outlet's address :

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