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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Organic Express @ SS2

Vegetarian food again...
The one reason I love vegetarian food is because there's no bones haha, yeap, I am THAT Malas...
Usually me and my mom have very very different preference in food
So whenever she wants to take me out for lunch, she knows there's only one place to go, vegetarian restaurants...
This restaurant is quite new i suppose, mommy's friend recommended it...

Fell in love with the environment at first sight, very cozy and homey
the waitress were very friendly too
Anyways, the food..
Best Fruit Tea I've ever had
super super rich fruity taste, I'm very sure there's lemon, orange, apples and honey
the best part is there's a slight bitter aftertaste (probably orange zest) while the scent of the orange still lingers in your mouth
really nice!

This is something new to me
Buttercream Chicken
I'm serious, it taste like real chicken
It's actually mushrooms, but the texture, really do taste like chicken, slightly crunchy
The buttercream sauce is amazing, they add curry powder i guess, so there's a very strong turmeric scent, but still it's creamy and sweet... Love It! 

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves 
Well cooked, crunchy, and I'm pretty sure they put less salt
but I still love Organic Recipe's

Asam Fish
recommended by the waitress there
Lots of veggie!!
The gravy is really really rich with flavors...I love the strong sour taste but it doesn't irritate your tongue too much, instead there was abit of sweetness to it. The fish is okay, goes well with the asam gravy.

Basically, the food there is really really not bad. But nothing much special, the only thing that will bring me back is the Buttercream Chicken hehe...Price, same as other organic vegetarian restaurants out there.Place, very cozy and quiet.Service, very good, my mom accidentally chewed the super spicy cili padi from the Buttercream Chicken, the waitress immediately brought her a glass of ice water.Obviously the ice water cant cool down the spicyness, but I appreciate her effort.

Organic Express
49, SS2/30,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
(Same row as Lobsterman)


Love Nuffnang


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