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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daffy Duck is Back!!

My Daffy Duck is back baybeh!!
I didn't see her for like.....who knows how long....
Missed her so much
So asked some of our close friends to meet up for a simple lunch

Went to the arcade first for some fun fun....
Oh My Gosh I sucked in Driving.
I lost to Daphney who played for once only.
And we were using auto gear.
Sad case weih...

Haha... My Grade...
I got E at first okay??

Heading to Bar-B-Q Plaza
We managed to finish everything... so Geng rite??
So we decided to add all the lemons, garlic and green chillies that we didn't eat into the soup.
We thought it's gonna be something horrible
But somehow the soup was uber uber yummy....
Like some tom yam soup.....damn nice!

I thought Gavin gave the wrong amount so I thought there was extra money...
So we decided to go play pool
(But after I reach home and took the receipt out again,
Crap, Gavin gave the right amount
so I actually spent extra 5 bucks of my own money...)
But it's okay, we had fun!

My mom couldn't come and fetch me at 2
so we had extra time
and we went YumCha @ Old Town White Coffee
The table was definitely waiting for us, with the Number 5 and 5 chairs around.

The Hot and Cold Drinks.... Very Yummy!!

Well we chatted a lot and I love how it felt to talk with such awesome friends...
We talked about our schools, friends, exam, gossips and of course
LaMe JoKes...
but just one only....
It's stupid to not use the Super High Speed Wi-Fi when you're in Old Town.

And the lamest thing we did for the day....

I'll miss you Daph....
I'm looking forward to the next YumCha session we'll have again!

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