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Monday, June 07, 2010

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

Oh Everything was so fast...
At first I thought 49 episodes are a lot
but time passes swiftly and Project Alpha Season 2 comes to an end....
Oh no....I want more and more and more...

Well one thing for sure Project Alpha is a huge huge huge success!
The bloggers are interesting, their stories are interesting, the contents are interesting.
I use to think that watching these bloggers might be boring because all they do is write write and write.
But now I know, they are all packed with stories, personality, fun and charisma and that explains why they are the guide line to others' lives...
I would just like to talk about them one by one :

Niki : Oh I like the way he speaks, he's like this know it all with great opinions. I still want to say, I like the way he speaks, it's really smart and charming.
Shaolin Tiger : Woah... This one's the most impressive one, The foreigner who loves Malaysia and successfully picked up all the local accents... It's unbelievable... and he's a photographer, a hilarious photographer!
KY : This guy makes me laugh whenever he speaks, but somehow everything he said is something to learn. I love his blog with all the good food!!
Ninie : A powerful, charismatic and confident young lady who has big dreams! I like her pose in the Project Alpha poster.... Super Pro Yoga!
Azwan Ali : OMG I didn't know he was the featured blogger when I first saw his episode coz he's like this super big big and glam glam Diva that talks a lot and says whatever he's thinking(that's why there's a lot of "beep" sounds). He's personality is a massive bomb, if I ever see him in real life, I think I'll be so intimidated and I'll need to hide.
Joe : It's impressive. He has all this piercings and red hair and black nails and the way he speaks is super low. I mean very powerful type and he's very serious with his job. His episodes showed us the behind the scenes of a reality show and you won't believe how intense and pro it is.

Oh I forgotten someone? I save the best for last. My fave blogger would be Cheesie!!!
I really like her because she's like this modern living doll that lives her life to the fullest. She speaks whatever she wants, she dress like what she wants to be, and she's always sharing what she have in life. Which makes me love to read her blog. Honestly, I'm uber impressed with her photoshop skills. I really like it when she used the word "bitching"...

Another thing I love about this show, is how all these bloggers are connected to one another.
Not just the season 2 bloggers, but season 1 as well...
It's really nice that they are all best friends like Cheesie and Audrey and Kenny...
I really like the episode when Cheesie, Shaolin Tiger, Kimberly and KY are out for a photoshoot.( And cheesie shouted like dunno how when she saw the snake!)
The chemistry between them are just .....FUN!
But that doesn't mean they don't have wars...
I was pretty shocked when Shaolin Tiger said he had a blog war with Xiaxue about Malaysia...
But I know they all have their opinions... and they are awesome!!

I really don't wanna say goodbye to all these wonderful stories...
I'm looking forward for the next season.
Good job Jojo!! Good job Project Alpha! Good job nuffnang!!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

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