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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Night of Bla Bla Bla at Sunway Lagoon

I should've blog about this long ago
but It's okay, I'm blogging now!!

Went to Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon last Saturday with cousin
It was after exam so went there to relax abit but somehow
wanted to shop also cannot.... Deng....
so didn't really buy anything....

We watched Killers first
which I'd reviewed earlier (See Movie Review of Killers)
I must say Sunway's TGV seats are uber uncomfortable
probably because there's no headrest
I still love Cineleisure's seats...can sleep over there(ooops, it's not a good thing rite?)

anyways we still had a pretty nice dinner at WongKok

C-9 Milk Tea
and we got confused between C-9 Milk Tea and Xi Mat Milk Tea
but the C-9 wan is more special larr...
got Ice Cream on top de....
(but the ice cream melted in seconds)

We ordered the same thing again!!
Cocktail Sausage Spaghetti with Salsa Sauce =)

There was a practice session by these really cute kids at the Ice Rink
They were performing Snow White....
Super super adorable
(Above: The Prince and Snow White)
(Bottom : The really cute dwarfs)

I promised to bring Vince to Sunway Lagoon so we went to the Nite park
For now you have to pay 10 bucks to go in as a minimum ride purchase...
That means you can use the 10 bucks for rides...
when you finish using it, u can still buy the coupons for other rides...

It's really really hot inside and I was sweating like dunno how
so I don't look good in all the photos
Therefore let my cousin be the model larr...

A magician came to us and performed some tricks.
And that;s the Giant 50 cent that came out from the "Magical Hands" of a Street Magician.
and Guess what, we paid 2 bucks at the end to the magician.
(Just to see a bloody Giant 50 cent?? Deng.)

There was this funny incident that happened that night.
We were taking photos with all these fake Native American and Cowboy figures.....
You know how scary all these figures are
no one was around us
and suddenly.....

A Native American appeared in front of my eyes from out of no where
and he was shouting like crazy
So I was so scared andI shouted as well...
Then I realize he's the mascot and I said to him
You are soooo scaryyyy.

Then he cucuk-ed my arm with his spear and said :
It's like Chicken

and he ran away....

what? did u just call me a chicken???
I know I didn't really show how stupid the situation is but it really was super super funny and stupid and zhadou.

Our attempt on taking a photo with The Sunway Duck.
But obviously we failed and captured the big fat mouth of the duck only.

And that was it...
we came out after an hour
because it was super super super hot...

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