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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Window Shopping

My once-in-a-thousand-years-Saturday-without-Tuition
Went to Sunway Pyramid with my girls....
well they wanted to shop but obviously I'm not gonna do the same thing due to my
current financial status : BROKE, BLOODY BROKE
I thought that since I don't have tuition I must spend some time with my friends...hehe
Window shopping was fun, but it kills me when I see my fave item on sale...
argh....damn sad, I didn't buy clothes for like....who knows how long
probably 4 months....
 Quick Break @ Baskin Robins
Finally, ate my Kit-Kat

The spoons are adorable rite?? 
oh I love Ching's Ice Cream : Rum and Raisins

Audrey San having her Chocolate-Mousse-Moment
(Photographed by MiuYinn)

Back to shopping...
talked about prom dresses too!! xD
can anybody tell me how u pronounce the word???

Lame Shots
Janie : Cute
Audrey : LOA la XD
(Audrey I'm sorry if you see this after searching your name in Google)

Yumcha @ OldTown White Coffee
I guess I'll always be stuck in OldTown when it comes to Yumcha
This is the first time I have 5 Nokia users around me
I can't believe I'm the only one using SE...

Food... Not Bad =)

@ Marrakesh Street

The Lion Head is suppose to be behind me but somehow it disappeared due to the over-slow shutter speed.
But I love this photo.
Thanks to my super-pro-co-photographer Miu Yinn!

Why did I keep the bus ticket??
hmm....bcoz the bus gave us wonderful memories...
haha it's our inside joke...
we did something funny yet serious at the wrong place...haha
only the people in the bus know what we did
and sorry to the people in the bus for enduring so much pain from us... =)

Before this, Oxford and Cambridge English Language Event @ Sunway UniCo

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