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Monday, July 19, 2010

180 Musical, It's all about making about the right choice in life...

180 The Musical at DUMC Dream Centre
basically it's an awesome stage play talking about how a person can change their lives and reach their dreams...
I would say it's my first time watching a fully equipped, super pro stage musical...
The music, the dance the settings the actors are all brilliants!!!
Then there was Pastor Daniel telling us how God could help us to choose the right thing in life...
Things were getting pretty rough to me for the past few days
I was really praying for a change....
and I thought God gave me the assurance on that musical that Everything is Gonna Be Fine.
and yes, today everything seems superbly awesome.....other than my super annoying monday blue... was peaceful and joyful, no more tears on my face....

Would you choose to do what is right 
and take a 180 degrees turn from the wrong?

Haha....I started the cam whore session right after the play....LOL

Great Day!!

But still I wanna say....

I am so DARK!!!!!

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