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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interact Installation.....haha....the performance that I enjoyed most!!'s the day
and it was an awesome one....
thanks to my awesome friends, Audrey, Fiona, SayWei, Michelle, William, Amelia, JiaWei, ChiaSing, XingYao, MunNee, BeeLee, HuiMun and lotz more!!! Thanks for all the support and the loud cheer when I was on stage, I was really nervous but it definitely gave me an immediate confidence boost....Love you guys!!
so yea I performed Taylor Swift's Love Story (I don't know why on earth I chose that song) secara solo...
I was pretty nervous so I think my voice was very very shaky and bumpy
but I think it was okay...since Chia Sing said : "Taylor Swift is an Asian now!" LOL and Amelia said : "Taylor Swift dyed her hair" LOL! haha....all these comment made me laughed like crazy...
and Oh Thanks Jia Tern for the flower....LOL....
I wanted to bring the flower home but sadly, it belongs to the school.....sigh

so I was very nervous when I come to school
and I realize something was wrong under my feet
holy crap, my shoes' sole came out
Michelle called it "Crocodile Mouth Opening"
WTH? I barely wear those shoes I think the last time I wore was 2008's Int Installation
and now It's opening it's mouth edi....!@$*!@

I really panicked and tried to fix it with cellophone tape, (Special thanks to the form 3 girls at backstage for lending me the cellophone tape)
but NO, it didn't work, but it got worst
I really thought I was gonna embarrass myself on stage... 

I got no choice but to exchange shoes with someone else
and that someone is MunNee.... Thank You so much, you saved my life!!!
yea then prepared for the performance...

This year's Theme : Musical Starlight

hehe My Seat No.
I think I should buy 3D


sorry, can't help myself to camwhore when you have a huge mirror in front of you

Some shots of the day

And of course took photos with my awesome friends....LOL

The Cert

The performances was pretty cool, BeeLee you rocked!!!!!

Interact was not bad afterall
I mean the service projects were really fun
like services at Precious Home, JoyHaven and also painting the school, etc etc
I really learned a lot during those projects, especially at JoyHaven...
Then I remember those memories in form 3
where we went to the super crazy orientation and also running the signature drive
oh gosh, I did a lot of funny stuff like singing and dancing in front the seniors
I remember there was one senior who asked me to grade him from 1 - 10 
and I was such a pengampu so I said 11....LOL
yea so much memories to be treasured...

okay now it's over
I really really have to concentrate on Piano and also my scholarship applying thingy....
havent settle all the documents yet...
I guess that's all, ciao for now...

Fellowship Through Service =)

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