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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

R&B : Jazz Music and Shoulder Massage softens me....LOL

Just came back from Leonard Drake in 1u after having a facial session...
According to the lady, I did a Polishing Treatment
I didn't know what to expect so I was just lying down and almost fell asleep along the way...
Before the facial, the staff, Sandra actually did a questionaire with me about all my health status, living habits
and then she asked my something about Lavative, which I clearly do not know...
and then what's my skin concern and I answered Whiteheads&Blackheads and Dark Circles
and erm... questions like how strong you want the massage to be?, can you stand the pain during extraction? etc etc...
My Beautician, Evelyn asked me how old am I and I said Seventeen
and the first thing she say :
"Wow then you have a very good skin!"
*smug smug* LOL!!!
yea the whole thing was pretty comfortable....but the massaging kinda scared me abit...
she was pressing my forehead with who-knows-how-many-newton of strength...
and when she was doing the extracting part, I thought my facial bones are gonna break...
but despite the pain, it's still very very comfortable....
and OMG she manage to get all my Super Stubborn(SS) whiteheads out...*Joys!!*
She damn pro....LOL
but this simply proves that Beauty has a price to pay...
and and and....she did some eye massage with some eyes serum i guess and I think my dark circles are less visible now....amazing rite?

At one point, I was going to laugh bcoz the girl was massaging my shoulders and they were playing some really sexy jazz music which made me feel....."so weird" that I wanted to laugh...LOL 

Thanks to powderruum at for the treatment voucher =)

Before and After
I know there's not much difference...but look closely
hehe I actually have the guts to take my big-fat-and-use-to-be-dominated-by-whiteheads nose in close distance!
The Clean Start sample kit which I haven't use yet
will use it tonight and review about it soon!

Did a face mapping thing on my first visit to redeem the voucher...
see how she pokes the nose with her pen??
She wrote (from top to bottom)
Uneven skin tone
Acne Marks

yeap...that was it,
i skipped add maths tuition again but I'll replace it tomorrow....
tomorrow is gonna be a bloody long day
with all 3 tuitions at one shot in the afternoon....

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